Unions take government to court to protect sick day scammers

Unions representing federal workers are going to be spending millions of dollars in the upcoming election to defeat the Harper government.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Screw this whole fighting “evil” crap.
    I’m getting a government job!

    • Me too! I wanna be part of the Evil Overlord Class!

    • DD_Austin

      You’ll earn your name
      There are two sorts of government employees

      Those who are disgusting and those who are disgustedActually the disgusted ones are the ones taking all the sick leave
      Why waste time at work, they’re not doing anything useful and they know it
      May as well be at home having a soul fortifying breakfast
      tomorrow they’ll sell another bit of their soul, like a cheap hookers they are
      And pray for the pink slip fairy, cause their no way any spouse would ever
      understand or forgive them giving up the gravy train for honest work

      • El Martyachi

        Easy on the cheap hookers there.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          After you factor in all the medical bills, there is nothing more expensive that a “cheap” hooker.

          • El Martyachi

            .. sage advice.

  • Helios Megistos

    After we overthrow our Champagne socialist overlords, we will at once dissolve all public-sector unions as well as abolish most ministries and agencies; things will be rolled back to a 1890s style of governance! https://tce-live2.s3.amazonaws.com/media/media/93bff03a-bb2a-4b56-9b04-7a3a90f1d845.jpg

  • AmicusC

    Not having enough banked days punishes the abusers which really should be dealing with. We also know they won’t be doing anything about the lazy people

  • Justin St.Denis

    Maybe Evil Reptilian Overlords would be cheaper….

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      If anything, they would be a lot more interesting.

  • Gary

    If their job is so unimportant that they can take their holidays along with 3 weeks of sick DAZE and the work gets done , then it’s time to cut the number of employees and go automated in some areas.
    If their job is so stressful they need their holidays and 3 weeks of sick DAZE it’s time to go automated in some areas to reduce the work loads.

    They can’t have it both ways to be off 7 weeks a year and claim the job is stressful but they reject upgrades to automation , or admit their job is unimportant and reject cut backs to employees.

    Somehow the works getting done, or, it sits there until they get back which means it can be that important.

    • New Centurion

      First off, you have to have at least 30 years of service to get 30 days of vacation. I think after 30 years of employment that’s pretty fair and not all public servants are indeterminate employees many are on short term contracts or casual basis. The average salary in my office of 200 would range from 45-55K depending on time in. And just because we can bank sick time doesn’t mean it will be used. If I retire tomorrow and let’s say I banked 1000 hours of sick time over my career, you know where that goes? Nowhere. It disappears. It doesn’t cost the tax payer a cent and that’s the case for thousands and thousands of public servants. This sick time thing is a red herring. Next, you can fault the government not the public service for the inefficiencies in the public service. The government allocates resources for things such as automation etc. we are given our marching orders and are told to move out, if the systems are inadequate too bad. I work with a system that is completely inadequate for the service were are expect to provide Canadians, the government knows this, but it choses to spend taxpayer money training the Ukrainian Military or dropping 1 million dollar bombs on dump trucks. The government also uses the public service for purely political reasons e.g. moving the government pay system to NB to replace the jobs lost once the long gun registry was abolished (at a cost of tens of millions and a loss of hundreds of jobs elsewhere because they need votes down east) and the government does that a lot. Having said all that I like my job, but I get rather tired of hearing from fellow conservatives about how well pubic servants have it, when I see those in the private sector getting tax write-offs for fancy meals, golf games, season hockey tickets, personal vehicles, part of their homes etc. etc. etc. I’m not a big union guy I can’t stand them, however “a lazy public service” is an easy whipping boy for the government to drag out during election time. It’s like the general blaming the troops for his poor performance.The government wants to take away something that was bargained for in good faith yet they have nothing concrete in place to replace the current sick leave policy; just a vague idea….given their record would you trust these guys?