UK Police Knew and Did Nothing to Protect Girls from Muslim Predators

Not only do recent revelations concerning the endemic sexual grooming of British girls by Muslim men demonstrate how crippling political correctness is, but they show how political correctness complements the most abusive elements of Islamic law, or Sharia.

  • cmh

    it is not the job of the police, it is the job of child protection agencies. that is why nothing was done. We have the same thing in Canada….thats why tina fontaine was found dead in a bag in the river…because child welfare agencies do not fulfill their mandate to protect kids.

    • ntt1

      and for the same reason: fear of racism charges

    • Alain

      While you are correct about the responsibility of children welfare agencies, the police also refused to do their job. Basically the first enemy is the state and its marriage to cultural marxism. Were it not for that, there would never have been a mass inflow of hostile invaders in the first place.

    • just a thought

      This was way beyond the capacity or authority of child protective services to deal with. What was happening was/is a crime, and that is a law enforcement issue. The police knew, and did nothing to arrest the criminals responsible.

  • David

    Fear governs us.

  • The Butterfly

    Political correctness led to this. You are seeing it repeated in the P.C. backlash against Donald Trump. More rapes to come.

  • just a thought

    Didn’t I see that photo in a biology text book? You, know, in the chapter on the diversity of rodent species…

  • Helios Megistos

    Stop the invasion now; execute all of the rapists; deport all of the invaders; hang all of the traitors who have encouraged the invasion! Problem solved!×339.jpg