Relatives of the Luton family of 12 who fled to Syria are shocked! Shocked!

‘If it can happen to us it can happen to anyone’

Like these folks!


  • Petrilla

    Luton, eh? Tommy Robinson’s home town. Ain’t that ironic? I hope he is safe from the media. . If anyone ever was worthy of millions of dollars for persecution, it is a patriot like him who called the alarm on the rights of English people to live in peace in their own home town. To step out their own front door in freedom. Magna carta promised us.

  • Petrilla

    The old ones have cancer and diabetes, so look for them to blame the UK and demand treatment. I did note they blamed the women, how hilarious is that? Yup the women made all of them go. How about telling us the truth for once? They are muslims from Bangladesh who want to go home and possibly punish the terrible white people in the UK who once gave them refuge. Just tell the truth that no matteer what the UK would have done, nothing is never enough for an aggrieved muslim, especially if you are a Christian{ which allowed them to live on taxpayer dollars for 3 generations) I do not believe the relatives. Get these people out of the UK sight forever. Put it in my I do not care list. I wonder how much taxpayer $$ this dreadful family has already cost. Go Away and stay away, horrid userers.

  • Ho Hum

    Why are the British “conservative” politicians and media expressing deep concern over such defections to Syria? In the video at attached link Theresa May (who banned Pamela Gellar and Robert Spencer from entering the UK) is practically begging “British” men and women from travelling to Syria.

    Right-minded Britons should be rejoicing at stories like this. I hope and pray that this three generation family (including grandparents and baby!) get killed by a bomb dropped by one of our CF-18’s! This would fill me with pride!

    If the politicians in the UK cared about the security of their country they would be chartering jumbo jets to fly Muslims to Syria by the 10,000’s. This is a golden opportunity to drain the Muslim pus from the UK!

    Likewise Canada should be doing the same thing. If Muslim scum in this country want to go to Syria lets charter jumbo jets to fly them there! Just don’t let them back in the country!

  • Ho Hum