Next you’ll be ‘impartial’ about the Nazis! Cabinet fury as BBC refuses to stop using ‘Islamic State’ to be FAIR to the terror group

The head of the BBC sparked fury today after rejecting a demand by MPs to stop using the name Islamic State to refer to the terror group – because it would ‘give the impression of support’ for its opponents.

Tony Hall, the corporation’s director general, rejected the call from a cross-party group of 120 MPs to use the name ‘Daesh’ instead, saying it would ‘bias their coverage’.

The decision was widely criticised in Parliament today. Commons leader Chris Grayling said it was like being ‘impartial’ to Nazi Germany during the Second World War.


I’m on the BBC’s side, though likely not for the same reasons. Both sides of this tempest in a teacup are apologists for Islam.

But this is why I’ll side with the BBC.

The Islamic State is the lived quran, pure unadulterated Islam. The BBC is right to call it such.

Cowardly politicians like the UK’s Cameron continue to lie by refusing to call Muslim terrorism what it is, Muslim terrorism.

They continue to lie that Islam is a religion of peace when it is plainly evident it is not.

End story.

  • David Murrell

    Fur, I agree. Conservatives should always use “Islamic State” instead of ISIS and ISIL. Over and above that “Islamic State” is a good, apt description of the enemy, note that ISIS refers to the Islamic State in Syria, and ISIL refers to the Islamic State in the Levant, which includes Syria and Iraq. But as we know, the Islamic State is now world wide, so we should use the IS term, since it applies to all Hitler-like IS criminals everywhere.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I also agree, and if parliamentarians respond by privatizing the BBC, it would be a blessing for the taxpayers.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Subhuman Monkey Fucktards?

  • WhiteRabbit3

    Groups are forever trying to manipulate our thinking by controlling the language.
    This is only partially successful. The perceived meaning of new terminology tends to change to foil these manipulations. “Special” is a good example.
    You could call the Islamic State “adorable benevolent democratic fuzzy-wuzzy freedom fighters” and it would quickly take on an ominous and terrifying meaning. And then some group would say we have to stop using the phrase because it so pejorative.

  • Not_Crazy

    This is Muslim terrorism. and we need to stop it