Grexit is one thing. What if it happened in Italy?

It seems referenda on Europe are all the rage. Of course, the authorities in Brussels hate this democracy stuff. As we saw over the European Constitution, the proletariat simply cannot be trusted to give the right answer.

For the euro-apparatchiks, the way to sort out disagreement is for the right people (them) to discuss it over a series of lunches paid for by the taxpayer and come to a conclusion which fits the overall plan of ever closer union.

They have made clear their anger at this dangerous new outbreak of populism by withdrawing the offer on which the Greek people will vote.

  • Glenfilthie

    Well I won’t buy that BCF. The Greeks are the usual idiots and dolts that finally ran out of other people’s money and now they meet the consequences of their actions. The Eurocrats in cahoots with them will get theirs too.

    It’s all good. Commies and consequences!

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It should be quite apparent by now that what the martinets in Brussels decree is not necessarily what the members will do. Even Germany will not go along 100% when reality’s push comes to shove.

  • ed

    the euro-zone is just a huge pay day loan scam and is going tits-up