Afghan court overturns death sentences in mob killing of woman

Kabul (AFP) – An Afghan appeal court has overturned death sentences given to four men for the brutal mob killing in March of a woman falsely accused of blasphemy in Kabul, a judge said Thursday.

The woman, Farkhunda, 27, was savagely beaten and her body set ablaze in broad daylight, triggering protests around the country and drawing global attention to the treatment of Afghan women.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Someone ask Naomi Wolff, the Pope’s new emissary about that. She’s a huge fan of the Taliban and sharia in general.

  • Hey, it’s Islam. And she is only a woman.

    Where is the surprise?

  • cmh

    all those canadian soldiers died in vain….our PM has blood on his hands…when he took office he should have gotten us out of there….he is a closet liberal who has chosen to maintain the liberal status quo rather than restore common sense

  • just a thought

    Poor kid. It’s probably of little comfort, but she’s got nothing on weepy John Boehner, or John (Benedict Arnold) Roberts, who have made a career of deliberately betraying their teem.

    When the consequences are clear, immediate, and everyone is invested in the outcome, success or failure aren’t likely to be missed. Too bad that when it’s REALLY important, no one is paying attention.

    • just a thought

      Wrong thread – any way you could delete it from this one? Sorry about that.

      • mobuyus

        I wasn’t paying attention.

  • The__Hammer

    I am sure they will be out of jail by this time next year