A Rotherham abuse survivor speaks out

Sarah’s rape was the grotesque beginning of her systematic grooming and sexual assault. She was plied with alcohol and drugs, driven across the country to be raped by multiple men in one night, and ignored by both the police and social services. Her story is not unique. Sarah is one of at least 1,400 children who were sexually exploited by gangs of predominantly Pakistani-origin men in Rotherham from 1997 to 2013. But when a report last summer finally revealed the scale of abuse in Rotherham, Sarah’s only surprise was that someone finally cared.

  • PC politics caused this problem.

    Time to flush PC down the toilet.

    • They were betrayed. The cops should be jailed same as the politicians.

      • Exile1981

        It won’t happen, the cops and the government workers who helped hide all of this will get away scott free and with pensions intact. The only reason we are even hearing about this is because it got so big they couldn’t keep it quit any longer. I think the gov’t also knew that if they let it out and made a show of dealing with it then they could bury it for another couple decades; but if it kept going then the citizens would have gotten uppity.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    There are many cases where, if one or a few people are killed or deeply affected in a negative way, society (usually led by SJW’s) will completely change the rules so that it doesn’t happen again. However, it seems that mass immigration is immune to this. These rapes would have never of happened if mass immigration hadn’t taken place. The government should also be held accountable for the rape of these women as it was their policies that allowed the indigenous British women to be raped and left to suffer for years. What kind of government brings this on to their own people? Where are the SJW’s asking for the immigration rules/quotas to be changed?