U.S. runs hundreds of counter-terrorism investigations: DOJ official

LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. authorities are pursuing hundreds of active counter-terrorism investigations embracing all 50 American states, a senior U.S. Justice Department official said on Wednesday.

John Carlin, Assistant U.S. Attorney General in charge of the department’s National Security Division, speaking to journalists in London, said in the last two weeks alone, federal authorities had made 10 counter-terrorism related arrests.

A second U.S. official indicated that investigators believed some of these cases involved potentially active attack plots, though he provided no details.

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    • Me too;)

    • mobuyus

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    • Xavier

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  • cmh

    in Canada all we have to do is re-direct the 5 billion dollars per year spent on foreign aid into deportation/relocation programs to get them out. every single one. especially the ‘moderates’ as they are the real problem.

    • Ben

      And that would be, by far, the most effective and cheapest anti-terrorist program.

  • Xavier

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  • bob e

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