The Ideological Gutting of American Foreign Policy

It was clear on the morning of September 11, 2001, that the United States was at war with Islamic radicals, and while there may have been differences of opinion regarding strategy, there was no denying the need to defeat doctrinal terrorism. But as the U.S. became mired in foreign wars, critics questioned whether its actions were achieving the goal, and ultimately whether the goal was even justified. Voices on the left falsely claimed that Arab-Muslim extremism was an understandable response to western chauvinism, and instead of condemning terrorists for their actions, they started blaming the victims for allegedly insulting Islam.

  • pop

    9/11 was an acct of war.

    America no longer knows what an enemy is.

  • Ben

    ANYTHING non-Islamic or which is not under Allah’s thumb is an insult to Islam.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Bush should have leveled Afghanistan.

  • Martin B

    If only it was just voices on the left that were the problem. The first time I heard President Bush insist that Islam was a wonderful Religion of Peace hijacked by extremists, I knew we were all in trouble.

    • Alain

      I know. It just never seems to end and no victory will ever be possible until people are willing to identify the enemy: the one who declared war on us and continues waging said war.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      George Bush is an idealist who thinks it is possible to bring democracy to those people.
      That was my sole objection to the Iraq war.
      They don’t want democracy.

      • Alain

        I agree.

  • The most important part of Sun Tzu’s doctrine is to “know your enemy”.

    Obama has kept the US war colleges from studying Islamic theology as a source of Islamic violence.

    Obama is responsible for the sad state of the US war effort against Muslim fanatics.

    For this reason alone, Obama should be charged with treason.

    • Censored_EG

      He is ambivalent about race and religion to the point of assuming a sort of “moral superiority” belongs to non-whites and Muslims. What should we all expect from a pseudo-Muslim president? Is it possible for Obama to overcome his “Muslim father complex” and lead decisively vis-a-vis the Muslim enemy?

      • Expect Obama to be more bold with his “non-white, Muslim, moral superiority” during the remaining time in the white house.

        He will even make the democrats cringe.