Shut Up Men, The UN Women Said

Much as been said of the “outrage” of some Feminists and female literati that more men get published than women, and that more men receive awards than women. Recently, Kamila Shamsie, an award winning author (who your humble author has never heard of) demanded that publishers refuse to publish anything by an icky male.

To reiterate: Kamila Shamsie supports sex-based discrimination by publishers.

  Who would take her up on this call for discrimination?…

  • DVult

    Who cares? I’m not going to buy any of their garbage books anyway.

  • Shebel

    If you leave out the Normal women of today— y’know , the ones that want to get a legal marriage with a Male and have some kids and raise a family and pay taxes.

    then you are LEFT with two bitter groups of Bitches.

    One – is ever subjected to the constant Rapist attitide of White males. Whimpering and whining and blubbering and over weight and marching in parades and is still a Virgin.
    Two— the powerful female!. She is smart ,opinionated, aggressive -especially with competitive females and just loves to put a man down .

    • Frau Katze

      Pretty much.

  • Rosenmops

    Butt suppose a man self-identifies as a woman…they would have to publish him then right?

    • Minicapt

      Not until he demonstrates his period.


  • Exile1981

    Kamila Shamsie is a Pakistan/UK citizen who is a muslim and has written such literary works such as “Offence : the Muslim case” where she spends several hundred pages explaining why it’s the west’s fault that the radicals in islam have hijacked the religion of peace.

    • Rosenmops

      She sounds just that sort that the Western leftists love to pal around with .

  • What a bunch of vaginaly inclined fools.

    Publish what sells. Regardless of who writes it. You will then make money that allows you to stay in business to publish another day.

  • just a thought

    Fast forward to this time next year.

    “Bankruptcy documents filed today reveal unwise decisions cause of publishing company demise.”

  • Hard Little Machine

    I would assume that none of their titles would ever interest me as a result.

  • WalterBannon

    They will all end up in the remainders bin…

    • Clausewitz

      I was thinking they would end up as the alternate toilet paper supply after the coming revolution.

  • Clausewitz

    You can’t enhance your rights by stomping all over the rights of others. Sounds to me that some just can’t handle the competition so they want it eliminated for them. Those people usually write pieces of idiotic fluff that only ever ends up at the check out counters of your grocery store.

  • Not_Crazy

    I think she is a loony liberal here is one of her books

    Offence : the Muslim case (2009). seems left

  • Not_Crazy

    The dark brown hair and ugly pink dress is her