Rising ISIS support in Pakistan’s nuclear testing region sparks fears of ‘dirty’ bomb

FEARS are growing that depraved Islamic State (ISIS) militants could obtain a nuclear weapon from Pakistan.

The group is understood to be preparing a new push to seize territory in the province of Balochistan, which borders Afghanistan and Iran.

The area is widely-known to be the centre of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme, with controversial underground testing of atomic explosive devices in the 1990s.

And Middle East terror experts are now warning that the extremist group could be close to obtaining a ‘dirty’ bomb.

  • Gary

    islam won’t be complete until the whole World is one giant hell-hole free of gays and jews.

    Shoot me now, I’ve had a good life .

  • Mannie

    How do you say “Glass parking lot” in Urdu?

    • Xavier

      You mean the Morocco-Pakistan Radiation Belt?

    • lolwut?

      Dirka dirka, ooooh sheeeeeet!

  • John

    Muslim terror groups will acquire and use nukes just as surely as an old dog will piss on a fire hydrant. I’m quite sure they fantasize about that all the time.
    related… a good article on ‘the Arab religion’.


  • Xavier

    U.S. Gulf Coast for $500, Alex.

  • Pakistan will disintegrate. It is only time.

    Some of the nukes will be “lost”.

    The border with India is quite porous.

    One way or another, something ugly will happen.