Relentless Terror: The Everyday Horrors of the Islamic State

In late June, images made their way around the world of four men as they were locked in a car and killed with a rocket-propelled grenade. They showed seven men, chained together with explosive necklaces, as they were blown up. And they provided evidence that five men had been locked in a metal cage and lowered into the water to drown. As we learned last week, 16 men in total were murdered in these brutal ways. We know this because the executioners with the group calling itself “Islamic State” wanted to film their victims as they were dying.

  • Ben

    aka the everyday horrors of Islam

  • David

    While not all Muslims support jihad – indeed many come to the West specifically to escape doctrinal extremism

    This statement is becoming as meaningless to me as, “islam is a religion of peace.”

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      My name is mohammed.
      I am from France.
      I have come to have sex with your children.
      (Hat tip Eddie Izzard)

  • wallyj180

    A long article but worth reading.

    They mention Canadian hackers that have helped them .

    I could not live like they do.
    Give me a gun, I’ll save the last bullet for myself.