ISIS’s ‘father of the year’: How Australian jihadi took wife and five children to Syria, posted pictures of his son, 7, holding a severed HEAD… and then married his daughter, 13, to monster who ‘raped Yazidi girls’

Since leaving Australia to join ISIS in Syria, Khaled Sharrouf has beheaded suspected spies, married his 13-year-old daughter off to a fellow fighter and shared gruesome images of his seven-year-old son holding a severed human head.

The depraved jihadi used his brother’s passport to fly to the Middle East in 2013 with his ‘best friend’ Mohammed Elomar who later married – and possibly impregnated – his daughter Zaynab.

His wife Tara Nettleton and their five children followed him to the war-torn country in February last year. They are now in the middle of a fierce national debate as to whether they should be allowed to return home.

Sharrouf and Elomar – who are both accused of raping captured Yazidi slave girls – have since posted pictures of themselves posing with bloodied corpses and automatic weapons.

  • nobull

    “now in the middle of a fierce national debate as to whether they should be allowed to return home.”

    oh come on – this is an easy one! Don’t stop anyone from leaving here to go over there. No, once they leave – CANCEL their passport and leave them country-less so they are STUCK.

    Good riddance. Stay there till you die.

  • Censored_EG

    Perhaps this koranimal’s actions are a result of listening to too much INXS at a loud volume?

  • Allan

    How the hell can there be a debate?? Oh yeah, I forgot “progressives” at it again.

  • k1962

    Look at those craaaazy eyes.

  • Tanya

    These two sub humans were suppose to have been killed, unfortunately it looks like one of them just staged his death so they could get the wife and kids back to Australia to get back on the welfare bandwagon. Let them rot in the cesspool they obviously love so much. My taxes are paid for the benefit of Australia, not to finance low life Islamic scumbags living in some type of idyllic islamoshiit parallel universe.