America is Imperiled As The CIA Fails To Meet “Diversity Goals”


Among the report’s most striking findings is that since 2008, the percentage of minorities hired by the CIA has declined to below what is needed to sustain current minority representation in the agency’s workforce.

It also found that a 1984-2004 increase in African-American officers at the agency’s top rung, known as the Senior Intelligence Service, has been reversed in the last 10 years.

CIA Director John Brennan, who ordered the study in December 2013, said he was committed to improving hiring, promotion and training of a diverse workforce. Brennan described that as vital to the spy agency’s mission of understanding and predicting events in an increasingly complex world.

Brennan acknowledged those efforts were “only partially successful.”

He said he was committed to taking steps to ensure the latest report is not “yet one more study” whose recommendations are not implemented.

In a statement accompanying the report, Brennan said he would make creating “a diverse and inclusive environment” a performance objective for Senior Intelligence Service officers, and require that his leadership team attend diversity training.

The study, overseen by prominent lawyer and civil rights activist Vernon Jordan, recommended Brennan “promptly and aggressively” promote minority intelligence officers “to positions that will send an unmistakable message of change.”

  • Gary

    The CIA has a new problem for Diversity quotas because Obama’s about to let 15,000,000 plus illegals stay in the USA while the SCOTUS just ruled that a person does not have to produce ID to vote.
    Basically, the CIA will have to hire illegals with no ID because they are a Minority group and they can vote for another Illegal person to get in power and change the rules so more illegals can get more benefits .

  • El Martyachi
  • Xavier

    Wait I thought race was a social construct.

    If Obama is 1/2 and 1/2 but is “black”
    And no one is actually “pure”
    Then what’s the problem?

  • Brett_McS

    It’s a rule of bureaucracy that resources get progressively used up (captured) by those within the organisation until the point is reached at which nothing (of value) comes out the other end. Everything is absorbed by internal ‘friction’.

    Bureaucracies with inconsequential purposes reach that point almost immediately. Others, with a real purpose and subject to external metrics, take longer. But they do reach it.

    It’s my – related – rule that we always end up paying twice for something supplied by government: Once through taxes, and twice if we actually want what the government was supposed to supply.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Soon enough all the special set aside classes will start fighting each other. Black, gay, trans, illegal alien, Muslim, handicapped, ex felon, women…and any recombination of all of that.

  • Prompt and aggressive promotion of minority intelligence officers, eh? A new oxymoron is born! Affirmative Action Intelligence, its so good to feel good about doing evil!

  • Denis George Miller

    no need for ability, cause the mix of employees is more important than protecting our citizens!

  • Achmed

    CAIR has the names of thousands of people who want to join the CIA and other government agencies.

    It is clearly a case of Islamophobia for not hiring more of us.

    Obama needs to put his foot down!

    • David

      The american people need to put their foot down, on husseins throat.

  • David

    America Is Imperiled As The CIA Meets “Diversity Goals”

  • What are the diversity requirements in order to be a proper sleuth.

    Do black sleuths sleuth the same as Asian sleuths sleuth?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    And, er, just what makes these pooh-bahs think that members of minority groups actually want to work for the CIA? Will they impose conscription to force their quota goals?

  • Allan

    It never occurs to these progtards that there are just fewer and fewer qualified candidates. I guess the CIA can just pick qualified (meaning diversity) candidates off the streets. The “I din do nuffin” CIA operative comes next.

  • Alain

    As long as people tolerate government imposed affirmative action programs, this will never change. It is the same marxist crap here in Canada whether called affirmative action, employment equity or diversity, and as a bonus we Canadians are blessed with HRCs or Stalinist commissions/tribunals.