Alleged Canadian Among 10 Suspected Muslim Terrorists Arrested In Italy

ROME – Italian police on Wednesday arrested in dawn raids 10 people from two families who were allegedly about to leave the country to fight in Syria as part of a vast anti-terrorism operation, ANSA sources said. In a separate operation, Carabinieri police arrested two North African people – a Tunisian and a Moroccan – as part of a probe by Rome prosecutors into an alleged al-Qaeda-inspired Islamist cell planning attacks in Italy.

The first set of arrests were made in provinces of Milan, Bergamo and Grosseto and in a town in Albania. Four of the suspects were Italian converts to Islam. Five Albanians and a Canadian national were also arrested. Among those arrested were the parents and sister of Maria Giulia Sergio, a 27-year-old Italian convert to Islam who in 2011 married Aldo Kobuzi, an Albanian man who trained in Iraq for jihad.

Sergio’s father, mother, and sister were converts to Islam.

Sources say Sergio – who goes by the name “Fatima Az Zahra” on Facebook – and Kobuzi, along with Kobuzi’s mother, are currently fighting with ISIS in Syria.


Update: The reports are a bit confusing but it appears a “so called” Canadian woman is  being sought for having radicalized some of those arrested but she may be currently in Syria or elsewhere. She is likely the “Canadian” mentioned in the initial report 

“A Canadian woman suspected of converting and radicalising the young newlywed and her family is also being sought by police.”

  • Icebow

    Please let’s call them Daesh. Or ISIL, or IS. Anything but ISIS.

    • Why?

      • Icebow

        i) It upsets women and girls of that name.
        ii) blasphemy against the Goddess.

    • I usually call them Muslims.

      • mobuyus

        I think you have to be a muslim to join any of those clubs.

    • I admit, if this is what you’re getting at, that it’s unfortunate that the name of the Egyptian goddess got caught up in this. But Daesh is extremely dishonest. It’s an attempt to keep “Islam” out of the title. Muslims love it. I won’t go along with it. It’s the Islamic State. Own it, bitches.

      • Icebow

        Daesh hate ‘Daesh’. Another reason to use it.

  • African

    Canada is the country that jailed the late Rev. Mark Harding and forced him to attend mosque and take islamic lessons from a radical muslim imam and he had to go through all this because he dared to point out that islam is a dangerous religion that persecutes Christians who live in islamic lands. Rev. Mark Harding had a number of heart attacks that resulted from these evil treatments subjected to him by Canada and those heart problems eventually caused his untimely death. The same Canada rewarded a radical muslim with nearly 12 million dollars after he complained some ‘torture’ he said he experienced in his country of birth. It is UNFORGETTABLE how BAD Canada treated Rev. Mark Harding and many others like him how it constantly rewards islamic jihadists here and abroad. Shame on you Canada!

    • truthdareisay

      Well said… Unforgettable and unforgiveable. Those who forced him to attend mosque can now see he was right… There is always a… CANADIAN involved..

    • Yes it was a travesty.

  • La Fallaci: “Io trovo vergognoso” – “I find it disgraceful.”

    (BTW, hacks and weasels, do not badmouth Fallaci within Mark Steyn’s hearing. He doesn’t take kindly to it.)

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