The Orations of Monica Lewinsky

That Monica Lewinsky got a standing ovation after giving a speech isn’t the part of the story I’d have picked for my headline.

It would be news if Monica—or your second grader, or the cast of a tepid community theater production of Carousel—didn’t get one. Formerly reserved for those rare instances when mere applause seemed insufficient, the standing ovation morphed into just another hollow social obligation some time ago.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    One day in the future she might run for president in the US she already got the blessing from the ex presindent Clinton .

    • mauser 98

      she could do no worse than the Kenyan

    • DVult

      She is as qualified as Hillary. In fact more so since she spent more time on the Oral office.

      • Petey

        Heh – you get a prize!

    • I would vote for her.

    • Clausewitz

      This too……

  • Petey

    Maybe I’m just naive but I kind of feel sorry for her; she’s not the brightest light on the porch and powerful people (or at least one) took advantage of that fact.

    Off topic, but I also feel sorry for the woman that keeps appearing in the side ads with the breasts hanging down to the ground – for gosh sake, won’t someone donate the money to have her get corrective surgery? Please. As an act of mercy toward her (and everyone else).

    • mauser 98

      …shopped.. must be

      • Petey

        That would make sense – I feel a little better, thinking that. Now I just need to focus more, keep my eyes to the left side ….

        • mauser 98

          Kate Upton not shopped…yowsa

        • Click the ads they make money for me;)

          • Petey

            I do sometimes, admittedly. But only certain ones such as the Kate Upton ad Mauser mentioned. Purely to give the blog a little bit of support, of course.

    • ntt1

      I am trying to get a full sized replica of that woman, I think it would look great hanging in my brothers lavish out house up north

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Drudge saved her from being steamrolled by the Clinton machine.

  • moraywatson

    ‘Monica got a standing ovation, everyone dropped their pants and received a Lewinsky’. Now that is a “head” – line I could believe!

    • Maggat

      Could she do a ‘standing ovulation’?

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Liberal women drop an egg everytime they see Justin Trudeau.

  • WalterBannon

    besides blowing Clinton, what exactly has this cow achieved to warrant attention???

    • Alain

      You mean you actually want more? Please try to get with the program; I am referring to qualifying as a politician.

  • Edubeat

    Standing? I thought she only worked when on her knees.

    • Alain

      Well there that too, although perhaps Billy was standing on a stool.

  • Ron MacDonald

    She never would have been chosen to become an intern had she been a twenty-two year old with average intelligence and educational background. Bill Clinton ruined her life, and he couldn’t give a shit. I hope she follows Hillary around during her campaign.

  • Xavier

    I’m sympathetic to her – we all have done things we wouldn’t want in the headlines of every newspaper in the country. I really don’t see any good reason for Kathy to attack her. Monica’s tried, failed, and is trying again to find her niche in the world. That’s commendable and even if we don’t agree with her choices you have to admit that she’s turned out to be more resilient than many of us would have been in the same situation.

  • She’s looking great. Much prettier now than back in the day.×300.jpg

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Maybe so, but she has one ex-boyfriend that I couldn’t ever get past.
      ‘Yeah, but Clinton. God, of all people why did it have to be him?’