The hidden frontline of Europe’s migration crisis

Dressed only in a thin white polo shirt and jeans, Ashraf, a 17-year-old from Damascus, shivers in the rain next to the dense Serbo-Hungarian forest where he has lived without food and water for three days. His exhausted father holds up a handful of grass: “For three days now we’ve had nothing else to eat but this.”

Ashraf, who set out from Syria with his father in November, has just been caught after crossing into Hungary from Serbia, with the aim of reaching Germany. He and around 60 compatriots, including families with babies and a dozen children under 10, were captured by Hungarian police and rounded up between a forest and an industrial estate.

  • Martin B

    Complaining about eating grass? Eat shit Ashraf!

    “…has just been caught after crossing into Hungary from Serbia, with the aim of reaching Germany”

    Take a look at the map and count all the European countries between Syria and Germany. None of those countries are in a state of civil war. None of them are occupied by the Islamic State or Bashar Assad’s goon squads. Any one of them would make a perfectly good refuge for genuine refugees. But no, these parasites won’t settle for anything less than the generous German welfare state where the streets are paved with gold.

    • Alain

      Exactly right.

    • Helios Megistos

      Let the Mohammedan nations take on their co-religionists. Once the West is liberated from our Champagne socialist overlords, the allied patriotic forces really ought to embark on a bold new Crusade in order to prevent the Mohammedans from ever even thinking of invading us again!!.jpg

    • dance…dancetotheradio


  • Helios Megistos

    Hungary must pull out of the EUSSR at once and then proceed to reestablish full border controls; EUSSR delenda est!

  • ntt1

    as wretched as they are within a month of receiving free everything they will come to view the social largess as jizya and start campaigning for full shariah

  • Exile1981

    Force march them back to Hungary and secure the borders against re-entry.

  • Truth

    That this invasion and colonization has reached the lands of the Hungarian and Serbians, and none of the people of those lands have expelled them – speaks volumes about the modern day Europeans.

    Europe is lost.