Paris Hilton plans ‘to sue Egyptian TV show over controversial plane crash prank that left the screaming star fearing for her life’

I gotta side with the bimbo on this one.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Paris Hilton cannot be so readily dismissed as a “bimbo”. Hers is one of the most lucrative signatures in today’s international fragrance industry. The chick is no dummy. Hence, I suspect she is going to nail these idiots to the wall for the “prank”.

    • AmicusC

      depends why is the video public if she consented at any point after it could very much hurt her chances.

    • I prefer her to the Kardassians

    • Clink9

      Does she run the company or just lend her name to it?

      • Justin St.Denis

        She actually runs it. She also overseas the development of fragrance concepts she herself has come up with. If you google enough, there are actually video interviews with Paris the businesswoman, and she is quite impressive.

    • mauser 98

      she is jealous of Kim’s butt

  • pop

    Considering she’s been quiet and low key…

  • Alain

    Just cannot manage to work up any sympathy, as I find one side as bad as the other.

  • Clink9

    Why is she hanging out with those douchebags.

  • disqus_EhU3YQ88hy

    While I have an intense, near visceral, dislike for “reality” shows and their stars, this does not qualify as a prank in my book. This was just plain mean spirited and ugly. Inducing genuine terror and fear for your life is not the stuff of jokes. She should sue and I hope she wins and shuts the “pranksters” down permanently.

  • SDMatt

    She’s rich enough to have that guy “disappeared.”

  • Ed

    You’d think after Lara Logan she’d have second thoughts about going to that nuthole.

  • Xavier

    If she’s a bimbo, at least she’s our bimbo. Screw those Egyptians.