More than 42 MILLION Muslims ‘support ISIS’ – as experts warn the figure will grow

The study, based on four recent polls, reveals the shocking level of support for the caliphate around the world.

Ryan Mauro of the Clarion Project, which carried out the research, warned that “ISIS is only a fraction of what it could potentially become”.

He said: “If we don’t act quickly, this is still going to grow – and what we’re looking at today is going to look like the good old days compared to the future.”


Something on the order of 10% of Germans were Nazi Party members…

  • Let me point out a study published by Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the July 22, 2011 online edition of the journal Physical Review E article titled “Social consensus through the influence of committed minorities” ( This study found “that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.”

    My own belief is that when this study is applied to Islam the percentage necessary is reduced dramatically – maybe as low as 2-3%. Because Islam has an unseen army of devout believers willing to kill – if you don’t “believe”.

    In reality Islam is controlled by this small percentage (2-3%) of the population. Think of it. The entire population is controlled by a tiny unseen, religiously driven group of thugs.

    • No question Islam itself is the core of the problem. Islam sanctions murder as a religious duty. That means all believers of the Islamic cult hold murder as at the least a religiously necessary even laudatory act encouraged by their God.

      • just a thought

        Murder is not just “sanctioned” by islame. It’s mandatory.

      • Jay Currie

        I have to disagree with you Kitty. Islam is the core of Islam’s problem; our problem is that we seem to lack any sort of core belief system.

        Social justice warriors are just fine with simultaneously celebrating gay marriage and refusing to come to grips with sharia law.

        Our people get slaughtered on a beach and the Prime Minister of England devoutly announces that the Islamic terrorist had nothing to do with Islam.

        I don’t think we can solve Islam’s problem; but we have to try to solve ours.

        • El Martyachi

          Social justice warriors are just fine with simultaneously celebrating gay marriage and refusing to come to grips with sharia law.

          Beliefs are rarely rational.

          • Religion is believing in something you cannot prove.

            Social justice warriors, liberals and others on the wacko left have exchanged their old fashioned “religious” beliefs, for the new age feel good form of “religion”.

            This new age “religion” provides the same spiritual component. Unfortunately their liberal delusions lead them to destroy the foundations of the conservative system that made it possible for them to fantasize their new age foolishness.

      • Islamic theology is the social blueprint that creates the madness of Islam.

        The Rensselaer study I mention sheds light on one of the main forces of why Islam is so intractable.

        But all great problems can be fixed.

        The counter jihad movement has worked well to enlighten a small portion of the population to Islamic reality.

        The counter jihad movement needs to use Islam’s “distributed warfare model” to destroy Islam itself.

        My first suggestion – Islam cannot stand criticism. Islam is an fragile intellectual house of cards. Let’s break it.

        Criticize Islam as much as possible, at every opportunity – cartoons, Islamic head garb, treatment of women, teaching hate, Mohammad the pedophile prophet … .

        September 11 should be (counter jihad) Islamic awareness, free speech day. All US gun clubs should have bacon wrapped Koran shoot offs.

        How else can we celebrate September 11?

  • just a thought

    Step right up, make your choice. And you sir? ISIS? All right, we have another loser, folks. Next in line…