Islam Spurs Innovative Diversity Training: Police stage mock Tunisia-style ‘marauding gun attack’ on streets of London

In the photo below the Ministry of Multiculturalism leads citizens through a diversity training exercise designed to teach them how to behave when a member of  the Muslim community invites them to die for Allah.

Tolerance, understanding and acceptance were today’s watchwords as citizens were lead to their execution in a grand display of British stoicism so wonderfully central to the nation’s character.

Community cohesion is key and it is hoped the citizenry will embrace mass executions as a win win symbol of modern Multicultural Britain.

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Leads Citizens In Diversity Training Exercise

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Leads Citizens In Diversity Training Exercise

As is typical with even the best laid plans not all ran smoothly. The malcontent pictured below was shot and forcibly detained by Ministry personnel for incitement of racial hatred.

It was later explained the woman publicly expressed bigoted irrational views linking Islam to terrorism and other wanton acts of depravity.

It is this type of islamophobic fear mongering that today’s exercise will eradicate.

The woman was promptly scheduled for crucifixion upon completion of a state mandated course on Islam.

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Shot And Arrested Bigot Who Suggested Islam Was Linked To Terrorism

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Shot And Arrested Bigot Who Suggested Islam Was Linked To Terrorism

Ministry officials were quick to point out that overall citizens cooperated as expected once the exercise was explained in terms of combating racism.

As citizen participant Mary Derby explained; “If I oppose anti-racism measures such as being chosen for execution at random because Islam was offended, well then I deserve to be shot, it’s only right you see.”

Here a Ministry official demonstrates the proper way females are expected to behave when an individual is asked to become a Muslim sex slave.

It is imperative that cultural practices be respected and as David Cameron has suggested all of Great Britain will benefit by adapting to Islam.

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Demonstrates Taking Of Infidel Sex Slaves Drill

Ministry Of Multiculturalism Demonstrates Taking Of Infidel Sex Slaves Drill

  • eMan14

    The beheading, such as that of Lee Rigby, happened sooner than I expected. A ‘marauding gun attack’ will happen soon enough in Britain as well.
    Fighting a two tier fight which includes the enemy and those who defend the enemy make is near impossible to win this war.
    Where political correctness rules and common sense is laid to waste… I’m afraid only bloodshed on a grand scale will cause a change of heart. If it’s not by then too late.

    • Our Political class are the enemy no question.

    • Jabberwokk

      We’ve lost meaning in so many things including what it means to be human and does life itself have meaning. And when society believes that we are just a blind product of time + matter+ chance it leaves a gaping void that nature demands be filled. So man tries to fill it with himself only to run aground by the question of which man? In such a world those who can enforce there wills become the definer of all things and violence becomes the supreme ethic.

      • jayme

        I pretty much agree with your assessment: without objective meaning then all we have is subjective meaning and following that to its natural limit, we are led to conclude that all points of view are equally valid (invalid). We get gibberish, essentially. (Kind of like using logic to prove that there is no basis for logic – we have to assume *something*, like it or not).

        Then I guess the question becomes, what do we assume? What do we take to be an objective truth? As you say, many choose power: if one can force another to do something then “clearly” the person who successfully used force was correct (this is sort of the muslim model).

        • Jabberwokk

          I would argue it’s the human model or even the “natural” model. We could institute laws but the law has no power to make you keep it. Indeed to rely on the law entirely leads me to the same problem: which law and by whose authority? I can only conclude that a transformation of the human heart is what’s required and I only know of one worldview that makes that claim.

          I rediscovered the words of the conqueror Naploean on the divinity of Jesus and im forced to conclude with him.

          I’m beginning to understand why C.S. Lewis wrote that he discovered that he thought he was being pushed toward was not a movement but a man.

          Any other way leads to the same inevitable conclusion. Man tries to define himself and his world and then loses all his definitions. Liquified in a sea of meaninglessness the story of the fruit of good and evil is something i see more and more done over and over in real life. Indeed in this way he “surely dies”. According to the account we are made in his image but today in 2015 we try to make ourselves into our image in whatever we define it that image to be. We are being melted down into an amorphous unrecognizable blob.

          We simply can’t be the one’s who define ourselves. We need an unmovable north star to help navigate us back to ourselves. And I belive, as unpopular it is to say, that north star is the great and morning star.

          Not a church.
          Not a man/men with a glamorous title and fancy clothes.
          Not a ritual as if we could earn it ourselves.
          We need him, his unmerited favor, and his transforming power he offers.

          • jayme

            I have a great deal of admiration for C.S. Lewis (as do thousands of other people). Though he’s still tremendously popular however many years after his death, I don’t believe his intellectual genius is as recognized as it should be.

            Favorite Lewis books? Hm, The Problem of Pain and probably The Great Divorce. Oh, and A Grief Observed – very, very sad but hopeful in the end.

          • Jabberwokk

            I’ve been slogging through Mere Christianity and G.K.Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. I need a break every now and again.

            I listen to a lot of podcasts from when i’m at the gym. Try and work my mind and my body at the same time.

  • moraywatson

    Islam is to die for. Come for the quran, stay for the beheadings.

    • Now I get it!

    • The Butterfly

      You never know when vibrancy is going to happen. Be ready for it.

      • moraywatson

        The quran should come with a health warning. Just like a pack of smokes.

      • Jabberwokk

        What Happened to the Goat?

        • Inside, he’s always known that he was a beautiful butterfly. This is his truth, and we honour it.

          • Jabberwokk

            Can someone tell the conductor I want off this crazy train?

        • The Butterfly

          I wouldn’t know. I’m a butterfly.

          • Jabberwokk

            Am to address you with some particular pronouns? Will you hate me if I don’t?

        • Clink9

          He’s now Butterfly Jenner.

    • disqus_W6sf

      Jeepers, ISIS may want to hire you. [sarcasm]

  • ed

    2.3 million muslim males of fighting age in the uk already, just watching and waiting [ classic dar-al-harb ]

  • jayme

    BCF, your photo captions are hilarious!

    • Thanks;)

      • Thinking From First Principles

        Love the captions also!
        You may want to add a photo of nothing and label it as all of the victims wearing distinctive Muslim garb that were attacked by the pretend terrorists … its very telling that the drill only uses visibly non-Muslim Britons as victims.

        • To have included Muslims would have offended Muslims.

  • Maria Limpiador

    The world will remember 6/30, that infamous date on which BCF crossed the line from simple Muslim-baiter to full-on swivel-eyed loon !

    • It’s satire, noodle-brain.

      • Maria Limpiador

        Well, Happy Days was a comedy too until it jumped the shark…

      • I love it when they get mad;)

      • Clink9

        How do you solve a problem like Maria.

    • Oh Maria, did I offend you?


  • Helios Megistos

    I wonder how many Mohammedans are actually employed as part of the security entourage of the Queen and her kin as well as that of the top statesmen? Anyone remembers this event?

  • oldguy

    I suspect we will have to partner up with the Russians again, this time to invade and rescue the English. Yes, I know, pull their chestnuts out of the fire again.

    • I am not sure, it may be a slower death, perhaps 2-3 generations from now Europe will be irreversibly Islamic and die out with a whimper. At that point it will have been rendered destitute and backward under Islam’s sway and not worth saving at all.