Forget about Greece — China could be a much bigger problem

OTTAWA — If for only a few minutes, try to forget about Greece — as many would surely want to — and spare a thought for another possible trouble spot: China.

True, the globe’s No. 2 growth engine isn’t running on all cylinders. No, it’s not heading for the ditch, either.

But it’s also not been keeping pace with the expansion that the world had been counting on as an anchor — while U.S. and European recoveries get back on course.

  • mauser 98

    Greek population about 11 million
    60 million Chinese live in caves

  • G

    “For decades, developed nations have been hectoring the Chinese to stop hoarding their cash and start spending more to help rebalance ”

    So now being frugal and living within your means is sneered at as “hoarding”.

    Sheesh, trust a damned journalist, (especially a POST journalist). Are there ANY traditional virtues these useless pricks won’t spit on?
    I have no love for the Chinese but this article is the height of nerve.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The problem with the Chinese economy is not savings but speculation. The big boys there indulge in the same financial sport as the moneyed elites here, with nothing good in the end coming out of it.