3 Bomb Threats On Canadian Airlines This Week

Kiddies or what?

h/t JEH

  • Alain

    That is only three that we now know. I wonder how many more occurred that were not made public when you include all airlines.

    • 5 or so in the states but I think that was a Kid.

  • Exile1981

    2 threats made against west jet flights out of edmonton… wasn’t Omar just released in Edmonton?

    • Canadian

      West jet are the pests that keep calling me once or twice a week to thank me for flying with them and to offer me rebates on my next flight.
      I didn`t even know they existed before they started calling.
      I`ve never flown and never will with them.
      And I have problems understanding english spoken by Pakis,
      They can crash, for all I care.

  • The Butterfly

    Wow. Bomb threats on Canadian Airlines and Michael Coren is now going soft on Islam:


    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Maybe he has a flight coming up?

    • ellake

      Well, everything he wrote is correct.
      He just forgot to mention one thing, it is not the majority of population who start wars, revolutions or genocide, it is the violent minority who persuade quiet majority to join in. At the beginning, in Russia, only small part of the population were communists; at the beginning, in Germany, only minority were Nazis. It was later that majority joined in.
      Perhaps Coren forgot that, perhaps he got threats, or perhaps somebody told him to “ease off” .
      We do not know.

  • Waffle

    Those knitting needles look like lethal weapons and that “little old lady” get-up is an obvious disguise.

    • Frances

      Knitting needles have been confiscated by security. Crochet hooks still okay. Some people are using bamboo needles now as they seem to be allowed.

      • Waffle

        Oh dear!! But they can be shoved under finger nails!

  • ontario john

    It was probably those nasty mean conservative Christians Michael Coren is always ranting about.

    • Oh no.

    • David

      But here is where the light of civilization is shining through the clinging darkness. Islam is not Islamism, the vast majority of Muslims are not fundamentalist and contrary to what insular North American and European conservatives might tell you,

      coren must working for aljazeera on the sly.

  • mauser 98

    Amish again i tell ya

  • Justin St.Denis

    It’s the St. Jacob’s Mennonites. They’re a nasty bunch. Everybody knows that.

  • I’m not worried. Those people in burqas and who are never searched couldn’t possibly hurt a single person.

    (sarcasm function disabled)

    It’s time to do as the Israelis do.