Portrait of Prophet Mohammed made of condoms sparks outrage


  • David

    Given the mindset of this pope, he’ll probably buy it and have it hung in a prominent place in the vatican.

    • David Murrell

      I took the headline to heart and thought at first that the portrait was of Mohammed. So I was going to post the wisecrack: “One wonders how long the life expectancy of this artist will be”.

      But thankfully, since the portrait was of the pope, there is not threat of retaliatory violence, eh?

  • Michael Onoo

    when raping 9 year old virgins condoms dont matter

    • This is true, that artist didn’t know his subject well.

  • formwiz

    Don’t do that!

    You had my hopes up and everything.

  • Waffle

    I didn’t know that condoms came in black. Cool! I’ll be sure to wear black nail polish when the occasion arises.

  • Ed

    I looked at the headline and wondered what the hell doesn’t cause muslim outrage?

  • I’m sure the “artist” will win many prizes and get to keep her head, too.

  • Alain

    Perhaps the “artist” intends on putting a portrait of Mohammed on butt plugs instead, if he wants to show courage and a more appropriate format. On second thought I doubt he could muster up the courage.

  • John

    A spokesman for the gallery said that some art ( like this work) can serve to begin a ‘conversation’ whereas other so-called works of art are simply hate-speech.
    We all know that those “other-so-called-works-of-art” refer to ANY piece depicting ANY aspect of islam.
    What a wonderful way to cover your ass. A condom portrait of the pope =’s a ‘conversation piece’. A condom portrait of moe =’s hate-speech.
    Back in the early 80s I worked for an AIDS organization in Montréal, and much of the help and materials we recieved were from The Church. The first clinics set up specifically to treat AIDS patients, who at the time were all gays, were Catholic clinics or clinics connected to Catholic hospitals in New York City
    Gays cite The Church’s opposition to condom use as one the principle reasons for the spread of the disease. Yeah, as though gay men back in the early 80s were all avid church-goers and hung on every word the pope said. Their own sexual habits and levels of promiscuity, however, had no bearing on that propagation…
    Fucking idiots.

  • vimy

    The headline was just a big tease,leaving me frustrated and now I have no need of a condom.You left me hanging.

  • So, remind me, they cal them safes because…