Paths to radical jihad vary: federal study

OTTAWA – A federally funded study of young people who embraced radical jihadism found they had little else in common, suggesting efforts to discourage extremism must be flexible and tailored to individual cases.

“Terrorist Chatter: Understanding What Terrorists Talk About” examined the online activities of seven men who were born or raised in the United States and active in the jihadist scene.

All seven were either convicted of terrorism-related offences or, in two cases, killed in extremist-related incidents.

The study by U.S. firm Flashpoint was funded through the federal government’s Kanishka program, a terrorism research effort led by Public Safety Canada that flowed from the recommendations of the inquiry into the 1985 Air India bombing.

  • The other thing they have in common (so big and all-encompassing that it is not easily apparent) is that they were brought up in a cuture that has become so openminded that its brains have fallen out. Western countries uniformly (if to varying degrees) have begun to come out the other side of tolerance. Tolerance of the other has begun to collapse into moral relativism and post-modern nihilism. All human beings need moral standards and ethical codes to live by. People without the intellectual or spiritual resources to have their own standards and ethics in the chaotic free market of ideas gravitate toward and are vulnerable to simple-minded rigid systems that offer a “way to live one’s faith”.

  • Jason

    It’s really not that complicated: What they all have in common is Islam.

    • Amazing how they dance around that.

      • Alain


    • Censored_EG

      Exactly. Islam. The Koran. Mosques. Mohamsandwich.

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  • Helios Megistos

    The feeble-minded Red Tories are wasting our tax dollars on a useless study; stop all immigration now and send all the Mohammedans packing you bunch of drooling-at-the-mouth multicultards!