‘Ndrangheta is LOVE

A scathing new video is winning plaudits for showing the global power of the Calabrian mafia, the ‘Ndrangheta – a group that makes more money than McDonald’s and Deutsche Bank combined.


  • Ho Hum

    This group is very powerful in Toronto but they keep such a low profile that most people have never even heard of ‘Ndrangheta. Reportedly ‘Ndrangheta has infiltrated every major institution including law enforcement and banking. I believe that they control the corrupt Liberal party of Ontario. The “godfather” of the Liberal party ( a king maker who backed McGuinty and Wynne) is a former Minister of Finance whose father was a leading mob figure (sentenced to prison for counterfeiting). The family is very wealthy from their vast real-estate holdings and developments. The corrupt McGuinty government committed Billions of dollars to extend the Toronto Subway up into a sparsely populated area of Vaughan where this family owns large tracts of undeveloped land.


    • I have heard that Toronto is enormously corrupt. It’s scary to think how deep the rot goes. Some ex-cops I met had me wide-eyed.

      • El Martyachi

        It was better when the cops were often masons.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Experiences with Toronto Police at our former Toronto residence were among the reasons we packed up and left after only five years. And this was in a rather exclusive west-end neighbourhood. Oh well. On the bright side, we sold our home for 180% of what we had paid for it half a decade earlier. Silver linings……… 😉

          • El Martyachi

            Congrats. There seems to be silver linings often enough.. wish mine would be .. silverer.

      • Justin St.Denis

        These days, cops in uniform have me wide-eyed. I had to deal with the police for 45 minutes yesterday because the white trash residents on an adjacent property claim my wife took pictures of them from the back of our property. In 2015, that sends Canuckistani police DASHING to your door! In actual fact, my wife was taking photos of our damaged back fence on the instruction of the local municipal bylaw enforcement because these white trash folks insist on using it as a load-bearing structure. White trash has difficulty with the concept “fences are built to divide A from B”. An insurance claim is an insurance claim. BTW, the police had been provided video of the white trash tribe drunk and throwing large rocks at the fence some two months ago BY THE LOCAL MUNICIPAL BYLAW ENFORCEMENT DIVISION. I kid you not. The two officers I had standing at my door were too stupid to even look embarrassed when I showed them that same footage. Sigh.

        POLICE INTELLIGENCE – still a Canadian oxymoron in 2015.

  • Zaba

    Very intriguing!
    Calabria is in SW Italy in the toe.
    There is some evidence that islam’s tenure in that part of Italy imparted
    many ‘techniques’ to the mafia.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Hey! That’s not fair! There was no trigger warning about this video, and now I am so upset!!! This video is racisssssssssssssas………..

    You guys know why, too. You should be ashamed of yourselves for enjoying it so much, laughing along, and thinking it genuinely hilarious. ‘Cuz it’s racisssssssssssssss……………

  • Edubeat

    With branch offices in Hamilton, Woodbridge and Montreal North

  • What a weird accent.