ISIS operates like Gay Bathhouse on a Saturday night says captured Jihadi

I have 100% faith in this video.

  • k1992

    So it’s kind of like a welcoming ritual such as one might find in prison or a cult, in order to establish dominance, demonstrate the new arrivals’ weak position within ISIS, and maybe just break their spirits.

    Perhaps these jihadi commanders should just lift a leg and pee on the new arrivals instead – it’s simpler, anyway. These heroes of ISIS seem to have abandoned even the smallest traces of humanity.

  • Alain

    I recall reading that they sometimes call these marriages. In any case it is their way of ensuring the newbies know who wears the pants.

  • mobuyus

    isis is gay who would have thought?

    • Fifty years hence there will be a musical: “Springtime for al-Bahgdadi in Syria”
      Don’t be Stupid, be a smartie come and join the ISIS party!

  • chayisun

    These crazies also have a thing for goats, sheep, donkeys and, if tall enough, giraffes. Nothing they do should shock anyone. Hope they all die.

  • El Martyachi

    Since Ontario John’s not around…

    So they’re like the NDP then?

  • DMB
  • bob e

    they get tired of fornicating the men killed in battle .. no push back ..