ISIS Attacks in America Are Coming

By its own depraved standards, last Thursday and Friday were gruesomely successful days for ISIS. On Thursday, a suicide squad of ISIS fighters infiltrated Kobani, the Syrian town it had previously lost to Kurdish militia, and killed 145 residents. Then, on Friday, ISIS was linked to two massacres at different ends of the Middle East: in Tunisia a gunman armed with an Ak-47 killed at least 47 vacationers at a beach resort, while in Kuwait a suicide bomber killed at least 24 Shiites at a mosque. ISIS may also be connected to the French Muslim attacker who beheaded the manager of an American-owned chemical plant in France and tried to blow up the entire facility. All this only a few days after ISIS released another of its patented snuff films showing prisoners being drowned alive in a cage.

  • Ahem, Pres. O, I am afraid that the future is not going to belong to those who deny the historic crimes and aggressions of the Prophet Mohammed, especially if they prove unable to connect the dots from those past atrocities to the present day practitioners of his ancient art.

  • mauser 98
  • Greped

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  • Hard Little Machine

    Liberals have complained for years that the US must be ‘more like the rest of the world.’ Well ok then, let’s have ISIS attacks.

  • Helios Megistos

    If the jihadists were to show up at three in the morning in four vans with a team of seven each, they could bomb and shoot their way into the White House in less than one minute; the Secret Service is a joke because of (gosh) “affirmative action”; that should teach Obongo to be such a zealous diversity-monger!