Greece — and Ontario — show what happens when socialists run out of other people’s money

The showdown is on between Greece and its creditors. The Greek government of Maoists and Communists is actually asking for even more money — and so far, the banks are saying no.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Grabs popcorn!
    This is entirely a self inflicted problem brought on a by a population that realized that could grant themselves raises through looting their own public treasury.
    Enjoy the food riots.

    • You’re talking about my very vibrant home town – Toronto Ontario;)

      • Alain

        Not to worry Alberta voters decided that you need company.

        • Boy I bet people are shaking their heads out there.

          • Jabberwokk

            I certainly am. My generation is stupid. We don’t know how to think only what to think.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      ‘Grabs popcorn.’
      That’s reminiscent of Peter Seller’s character Bluebottle from the Goon Show who had a penchant for reading out his stage directions on the air.

  • Jay Currie

    This reminds me of the little kid who says “If you don’t…I’m running away from home.”

    The only recommended parental response is to start packing his or her knapsack…and mean it.

    • The ratings agencies have their eyes on Ontario.

      • mauser 98

        1% increase..
        then Strapon’s music stops

      • Clink9

        All hail the Rainbow Queen!

  • Ron MacDonald

    Deflation comes next.

  • Waffle

    Revolution. NOW!!!

    • Alain

      That was made impossible by disarming all law-abiding citizens leaving only the cops, military (what there is of it) and criminals with guns.

      • Jabberwokk

        It’s not impossible and trust me many people in rural Canada have far more Firepower than what’s on the books.

        • Alain

          I was talking about Western Europe.

  • mauser 98

    some Greek friends say to hell with them .. been coming for years
    ( Greeks cook so good.. am stuffed leaving their place)

    • No one pays taxes. The bureaucracy is as entitled, over payed and over pensioned as our own and they don’t produce much.

      This will not end well.

  • Maxsteele

    Greece is just the first domino to fall. Then comes either Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and even France is on the brink. Russia is teasing the Greeks by offering to lend them more money, which Putin loves because it makes the Greeks feel empowered—“If you don’t give us more money we are running to Russia and China.” Imagine Russian naval bases in Greece….and the European economies will still crash.

  • Gary

    It should be quite a show in Toronto when the Welfare Industrial Complex implodes when Wynne’s addiction to OPM bankrupts Ontario and the money stop flowing once she drives the debt to $400 billion plus .
    Wynne told Harper that she was going to give FREE Heath care and Dental care to illegals as it was HER money , then Joe Mehevic at City Hall in Toronto said that the 300,000+ illegals in Toronto would get Welfare if needed because they pay taxes too and are entitled to it.

    These weasels never have money for Vets and Seniors that were born here to Parents that were born here , but there is always money for pigs at the public trough ( i.e. Olivia Chow ) or illegals and gays causes .
    They’re selling out Canada for a few years of power but at the rate they are helping to spread Sharia law and islam in the schools , these idiots will be the first ones to be beheaded under sharia law as atheists/socialists/ communists .

    Here’s Olivia and Jack endorsing the overt Nudity in PRIDE that harms children while Olivia has the nerve to act as if she is a crusader for Children’s Rights and Youth causes.
    John Tory has now joined the 2-faced weasels to claim they condemn child-abuse and that they are proud over how the Police work hard to also protect children from sexual predators ( except during PRIDE when the pervs are gay ) .

  • jayme

    I don’t know about in Toronto but the left in Ottawa wants all types of goodies
    Light Rail $5 billion
    New arts court $160 million
    National Arts Centre Renos $200 million
    Science and Tech Museum Renos $100 million
    New Library $100 million
    Bike Lanes East-West-North-South $500 million

  • Hard Little Machine

    Greece holds all the cards. The EU and the ECB will not allow Greece to become a failed state on their watch. If the EU can shovel billions of Euros each year to the PLO they will certainly forgive most of Greece’s debts. For one thing the EU doesn’t want a million Greeks fleeing Greece for other EU states. Nor does it want Greece to sell itself off to the highest bidder; Russia, Qatar, Turkey, China.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Imagine a Russian naval base in the middle of the Mediterranean?! Hmm. Methinks this is the future for the EU which is a failed fascist project.

      • Jabberwokk

        Hilarious how the ghosts of the past haunt us today and this time they conquer without even firing a bullet.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Greece was bankrupt even before they the Syriza party. Remember their conservative and social democrat coalition. The problem there is corruption, cronyism, lack of paying taxes and the EU itself.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Austerity is also the biggest scam ever created. They had to privatize everything and unemployment and the situation there never changed. Levant is not outlining the reasons for Greece sinking. The people never paid their taxes. There was a huge bureaucracy. No nation that is smart would ever allow these things. Of course, all parties agreed with these policies. Levant doesn’t outline as to why austerity doesn’t work and why it creates more debt and more of a crisis for the society where it is used. It is basically social Darwinism. The way nations get rid of debt is simple. The BRICS nations use a bank where their monetary policy is for debt-free money. Any nation that uses the IMF, the ECB is using a bank where they borrow money at interest and where the citizens suffer as a result. The only solution left for Greece is for Russia to do a Cyprus-style bailout and to get their nation on a stable payment plan. That way they can get out of debt. In the current IMF scheme and ECB and EU scheme, it is more of a Ponzi scheme that will lead to more problems.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Levant is clearly an ideological illiterate since he is a lawyer and has no concept of ideology. There is no maoist faction. There is no strong communist faction in that party other than to get it elected. They are at most democratic socialists and anti-capitalists, but they wanted to stay in the Euro and wanted to negotiate their debt. I can pull up the platform they had during the election if people want, but the CP of Greece actually wanted to exit the Euro. The same with the CP-Maoist party of Greece. Clearly, Levant doesn’t know what he is talking about. He is just a conservative commentator and should use facts for once rather than using stuff that may sound nice which clearly isn’t accurate. Greece is worse off in the EU and the EU was a failure from the beginning. It didn’t take into account the former Eastern Bloc nations and the southern European economic systems and had no unification on many issues. A union should have been similar in economic policies and other policies. Therefore, it was doomed from the beginning.

  • Jabberwokk

    This whole thing……is just….UUUuuuugh!