Well The “Hottentot Carousel” Is A Bit Over The Top…

Danish theme park accused of racism isn’t changing anything

A DANISH THEME park has been accused of racism for its Africa Land section that includes attractions like The Cannibal Pots and The Hottentot Carousel, but has said it would make no changes.

Djurs Sommerland in central Denmark opened the area in 1993 and said that up until this week, when an anti-racism group launched a petition, it had received no criticism for its Africa-themed rides.

Hottentot Carousel May Play Into Racial Sterotypes. May?

Hottentot Carousel May Play Into Racial Sterotypes. May?

Enjoy the video H8trs!

  • pdxnag

    You don’t want to get branded an anti-Cannibal. It is akin to counter-Jihadist. Unforgivable.

  • andycanuck

    Aren’t (fictional) horned Viking helmets stereotypical as well then? I wonder if there’s a “Viking Land” area to the park?

    • Good question.

    • ntt1

      no but you can go to the restaurant and get puke on your shoes drunk on sweet pastrys and tuborg beer.

  • Clear Thinker

    There would not be stereotypes if it were not true.

  • News Flash! Ownership has announced that the Washington Redskins will play next year with a new name: the Washington Hotentots. After all, if it passes muster in PC Denmark,…

    • Woot!

    • DVult

      The Washington Arselifters or Washington Poofters are also available.

      • MRHapla

        I have long advocated embracing another, under represented warrior group,,the Celts or the Picts,,,”,,and now ,,,,,,,,,,,, your,,,,,,,,,, ,Washington Blueskins,,,,,,,

  • eMan14

    The safari ride was ok… 20 years ago. And maybe if you were 5. Anything will look racist if you look at it the wrong way. The park, if anything, is a bit lame.

    • mobuyus


      • eMan14

        That obvious?

        • mobuyus

          Sorry I was looking in the mirror”

          • eMan14


  • Minicapt
  • Greped

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