Tunisia: Muslim Mass Murderer Seifeddine Rezgui Shot While Praying To Bloodthirsty Mohammedan Idol

‘I put two bullets in him, I haven’t slept since’: Hero Tunisian policeman reveals how he finally killed gunman while he was praying in a side street

A Tunisian police officer has revealed how he put ‘two bullets’ in the ISIS assassin to end his slaughter of holidaymakers lounging on a tourist beach.

The policeman, who wished to keep his identity secret, said he shot the murderer Seifeddine Rezgui following his 25-minute rampage.

He spotted the gunman while he was praying in a side street and shot the 23-year-old aviation student, who was armed with an assault rifle and grenades.

  • cmh

    he hasn’t slept since because he is a muslim and went against sharia….this means no virgins when it’s his turn …lol

    • Likely.

    • Or he might be worried that some compadre of this deceased madman might go after him and his family.


    • Petey

      Seriously, he’s probably wrestling with his conscience. He sees a devout muslim humbly praying, one who has simply been following the teachings of the koran and his religion in general (no matter what Iman Cameron and others claim). And this fellow shoots him. From his standpoint (a muslim one) it’s not at all obvious that he did the moral thing.

  • mobuyus

    That’s a classic picture of an islamic idiot.

  • WalterBannon

    I would be unable to sleep too… because I would be busy celebrating the death of the muslim scumbag

  • DVult

    Nothing to do with pislam but he stopped to pray (to satan).

  • New anti-muslim tactic.
    step 1 Get into a firefight
    step 2 Play a recording of the Call to Prayer
    step 3 You know the rest

  • Maggat

    At a loss for words, other than, what a beautiful picture.

  • tom_billesley

    I didn’t see any media comments about gun licensing and control in Tunisia.