The world of Sugar Daddies – middle class prostitution?

  • BillyHW

    Women have been doing this since the beginning of time. But they’ve only been voting for the last century or so. I think we can still undo the latter.

    • canminuteman

      Agreed but what feminists completely forget is that women basically got the vote at the same time as men. In Britain the 1884 reform act extended the vote to men who had over a certain value of property This meant that about 60 percent of men could vote. The vote was extended to all men over 21 in 1918 – those who had survived the first world war. Women over 30 got the vote at the same time. So really men and women in Britain got the vote at the same time. Men had to fight WW1 to get the vote, all women had to do was bitch. This was pretty much the deal in the whole Anglosphere..

      • BillyHW

        Everything the public school teachers taught us was a lie.

  • Exile1981

    Is this the BBC trying to make the Rotham scandal be the victims fault?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    What’s the difference between socialites and whores? About $100,000.

  • Jay Currie

    My pearls are clutched…you mean tarty young women will sleep with – or better still “date” men for money. Tell me it isn’t so.

  • Brett_McS

    There’s music to accompany this story:

  • Omega Man

    These are damaged women. As a wife they will be your worst nightmare. As a mother forget it.

    • T.C.

      Har! My experience is that damaged women are the norm. Mostly because they are products of a marriage were a man never said “no” to the wifey and daughter took note.

  • The loser type.

  • Petey

    There’s nothing particularly wrong with looking after one’s needs by forming a relationship in a practical, even mercenary manner. Still, the idea that as members of society these people have other commitments than to themselves (and I mean both the women and the men) doesn’t seem to occur to them.

    Clearly, they’re not going to have offspring as this would be inconvenient to them, even though beneficial to society. And so our society is dying out, rather rapidly in fact.

    • Gettingby

      Your second line pretty much sums up most elites, their loyalty can be purchased, because they tend to believe in anything as long as their status and money are protected.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If rich guys are going to delude themselves into thinking On Call is love then that’s their issue. There will never be a difference between Goumada and a Putana other than how she gets paid

    • Jayme

      Pessimist! I take it you’re not a fan of “Pretty Woman”.

      • Hard Little Machine

        You basically have to pay her to her to swallow one way or the other. Back of a limo or on a trip to Sandals, doesn’t really matter.

  • simus1

    This has been a feature of life among the Euro rich for a very long time. When Swiss resorts like Davos reopened postwar, North American tourist couples would often be shocked that a large proportion of Euro/Brit skiing couples often consisted of wealthy athletic middle aged businessmen accompanied by beautiful young women often 20 years their junior who were also great skiers ………………………..

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Here is a brief excerpt from a 40-year-old travel guide to Europe for single men describing the action at an Alpine skiing resort.

      “You’d almost think there’s a rule in skiing that only luscious girls are permitted to take up the sport. To compound our blessings, these ravishing creatures are in a horny frame of mind! … Screw the actual skiing. Let the jock yo-yos break their collarbones on the slopes. While they are being fitted for their plaster casts, you and I will be hanging around the bars and coffee shops, both in town and up on the slopes, scoring like cat burglars.”

    • ntt1

      indeed, there is now a thriving ski bunny for hire trade at whistler mountain, there are several pages of escorts .

  • Tokenn

    Tsk-tsk…too much honesty here for some people….

  • Mal

    Ick. “Samantha” is repulsive. Common as muck.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      As Charlie Sheen says, “You are paying them to go away after.”

      ie. you are paying them not to stick around.

    • Reader
      • ntt1

        Dury was raised with the british music hall songs and you can tell,
        My favorite is “there ain’t arf been some clever bastards

  • ntt1

    this is news? ask any divorced man how our Evaginatyed court system works.

  • Danniella Cloud

    Such is reality. My friend is working in and she is a student. She decided to earn money in such way, well it’s her choice, I don’t judge her.