The massacre inventors are just as odious as the Holocaust deniers.

“…I cannot allow to pass without comment the accusation against me by the former head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Bernie Farber, of a “dastardly minimizing of Canada’s genocidal history.” While he cites his own tragic family history in the attempted extermination of European Jewry by the Nazis and their collaborators, I do not believe anyone ever has or could question my credentials as a philosemite, and Farber’s acute awareness of what a real genocide is makes more odious and irresponsible his assimilation of murdering six-million Jews (and six-million non-Jews) in death camps with the tawdry, often shameful and inexcusable, treatment of the native people of Canada, by the French and British colonists and frequently by Canada as an autonomous country. The distinction between satanic crime and reprehensible misgovernment must not be blurred, and the failure to make that distinction assassinates historic truth, trivializes the Nazi Holocaust and mass murders of non-Jews, mortally abuses the language, all Western languages, and wilfully assaults the moral basis from which Canada must address and do justice to the profound problem of the native people. The massacre inventors are just as odious as the Holocaust deniers.

I have been defamed by more substantial figures than Bernie Farber (and there are few people I would rather share that distinction with than Jeffrey Simpson, as in this case). But in his mindless zeal, Farber dishonours the Jews and the Canadians, and does no favours for the native people.”

  • Waffle

    Survivor guilt is a terrible mental condition. It can be passed on to generation after generation. Poor Bernie is a tragic example of his father’s survivor guilt. Unfortunately, this condition can transform and infect other weakened organisms (or cultures). Bernie is like Typhoid Mary and he should be avoided like the plague.

    • Typically I ignore him, he’s a blowhard but this smackdown was well deserved.

      • Justin St.Denis

        And what a lovely, reasoned smack down it was!

  • While the treatment of aboriginals two hundred years ago was deplorable, even thinking of comparing it to the planned genocide that was the Holocaust is disingenuous in so many ways. Anyone calling himself an advocate or scholar should not even think of using the Holocaust as a comparison.

    • It takes a man of Bernie’s caliber to spew such nonsense.

    • canminuteman

      I disagree. One of the causes of the American Revolution, was that the American colonists wanted to expand westward. The Colonial government wouldn’t let them because they had treaties with the natives that established boundaries. After the revolution those natives who had sided with the crown came to Canada like a lot of the rest of the losing side and were given land grants. The indian reserves that are in southern Ontario and Quebec date from this times. These were natives who lived in what became the United States, and chose to come to the crown colonies north of the great lakes for freedom.

      I am sick of hearing about the residential schools. The residential school system was the best thing that ever happened to the natives. “Residential school” is just another term for “boarding school”.. Lots of kids back then and to this day go to boarding schools. My dad went to a boarding school. How else are you supposed to send kids who live in small stone age hunter gatherer tribal groups spread out over ten of thousands of square kilometers to school unless you gather them together in boarding schools? The natives lived in the stone age. If we as a society had said, screw it let’s let them continue to live in the stone age, have a life expectancy of 19 years, a 75 percent child mortality rate, die of starvation, and disease they would be cursing us for that too. The residential school system was done in good faith,, following the best standards and practices of the day and was a net benefit to the natives who lived in Canada.

      • I never said anything about residential schools.

        During the War of 1812, aboriginals who fought for the British were promised the land that is now Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. During negotiations after the war, that idea was discarded.

        It’s pretty sucky to make a promise to people who fight for you and then renege on that promise.

        • canminuteman

          Yeah, the British didn’t have much control over Ohio, Michigan and Indiana after the war of 1812 did they? This is why they have territory in southern Ontario and Quebec.

          • Then they shouldn’t have promised that.

          • canminuteman

            They didn’t go into the war with the anticipation that they would lose. From what you are suggesting I should never promise my wife I will get home from work at 5:30, in case I get hit by a truck on the way home.

          • If you tell people to risk their lives for you, you pay up.

    • Alain

      Sorry but I reject the narrative of how horrible the treatment of aboriginals was for several reasons. It dismisses the context and lumps together how every single aboriginal was treated along with ignoring how aboriginals treated non aboriginals and even other aboriginals. Had the intent been to carry out a planned genocide, it would have happened with no aboriginals around today. Most of how they were treated was with the best of intentions; an attempt to bring them out of a stone-age culture and into society at large. I think the biggest mistake was creating the Indian Act which worked, and continues to work, against their integration into Canadian society. That said I agree that mistreatment and racism certainly occurred with some individuals and by some individuals. Also I really get fed up with all the outcry about residential schools at the time, since the treatment of white students in white residential and boarding schools was pretty much the same. It was a different era with different values, especially when it came to disciplining and educating children.

      • I don’t believe there ever was a planned genocide, not on the scale of the Holocaust, nor do I believe that aboriginals are innocent parties with enlightened views. They were a Stone Age people with Stone Age modes of thinking. They were, however, screwed over after the War of 1812. That I believe. Aboriginals did not have universal suffrage until after Diefenbaker (hang that on the Liberals along with their wartime refusal to rescue Jews).

        Residential schools are an engine for victimhood politics and nothing more.

  • Paul

    As legend has it, like the Golem oi Prague, Bubble Boy was created as an amorphous entity by Toronto’s Jewish Elders (“quietly working behind the scenes”) to ward off anti-Semitism.

    Neglecting to deactivate him one Friday evening, as was prescribed, Bubble Boy transformed into Big Chief Lochin’ Kop and as the story has it, he immediately turned into a “frothy” raving monster, desecrating the Sabbath and eating non-kashrut Chinese food on Hanukah as he proffered mis-accredited cliche Talmud quotes.

    In the end, the Elders of Toronto managed to pull the incantation from his mouth and immobilize him.

    Or so they thought.

    Contemporary Jewish Golem

  • Richard K

    With due deference to His Royal Lordship, I was pointing out that Bernie was huckstering a fake Canadian “genocide” 2 years ago. And I’m not even a Baron!