• Perchance to dream…
    A beautiful meditation on death without an opinion on the central question: Is the universe godless or was that just the last of the illusions of the body? Where did that little soul go after we could no longer see or comprehend…

  • Jayme

    And it all amounts to nothing in the end. The brief light of consciousness snuffed out forever. The universe itself will continue forever of course, as particles move further and further apart from each other, eternally. There’s always room to create more entropy. But life and consciousness, a brief cosmic joke, once gone, will be gone forever.

  • eMan14

    I liked that. But it was enough. We didn’t need more.

  • BillyHW

    What did I just watch?

  • vimy

    So little life left to see
    To waste or to hold preciously
    I walk in wonder,sorrow and pain
    Knowing my Shadow is only his name