LBGTQ Positive Turkish Police Use Water Cannons To Express Ramadan Blessings On Instanbul Gay Pride March

Turkish police use water cannon and tear gas to disperse crowds at Istanbul Gay Pride

The Istanbul governor’s office reportedly decided to ban the event because of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan

  • jayme

    This is what they should do in Toronto.

    • ntt1

      looks like the natural water cannon took care of things this year

    • No, but it’s what they will do to Christians.

      • Bert_1

        I suspect any future Via Dolorosa in Canada will be met with opposition.

    • DMB

      The closest thing to that Toronto will do is have mayor John Tory spray water with a water gun on attendees.

  • Fran800

    We’ve seen those horrible scenes in European capitals — especially Paris — where hundreds of Muslims congregate and do their prayer session in public, blocking major thoroughfares and sidewalks. These are clear provocations and insults, but the police never move them on. I’ve often thought that water canon would be a great idea.

    • Petey

      It’s coming here to Canada and the U.S.
      Well, maybe not Texas. I won’t make any predictions there.

    • lolwut?

      Pigs blood would be better, you’d only have to do it once.

  • ontario john

    Bet you won’t see any outrage from gay activists in the West about this, or any other persecution by islam against gays. And just in, attendance at the Toronto pervert parade has surpassed last year’s record of three billion. In celebration Wynne at the parade has declared everyone in Ontario is homosexual.

    • Amen.

      • andycanuck

        A-LGBTQ! (Hater.)

    • occupant 9

      As Bob Hope said upon leaving California after they legalized sodomy, “Better get out now before they make it mandatory!”

  • mauser 98

    off topic but funny as hell

    Pastor Manning tells Obama how to handle transgender heckler at White House
    …watch thru worth it

  • Where are all the professional gays on this?

    • Complaining that Christians won’t bake them cakes.

      • I assumed as much.

        This is why I am a firm believer in people being air-lifted to hot spots.

  • wallyj180

    The CBC had the Reuters story on this up earlier today.

    That had a few references to Islam and Muslims.
    About 90 minutes later they realized their error and took the Reuters article down and replaced it with an edited Associate Press release. Of course they edited out all references to Islam or Muslims in that one.

    Sorry queer folk, even though the CBC has not thrown you under the bus, you have to ride in the back when Islam shows up.

    • BillyHW

      Your tax dollars at work.

      • wallyj180

        They have updated the story again.

        They have added the by-line;

        ” Unclear why authorities stopped marchers in Taksim Square ”

        The original story had the answer to that, but some truths are not palatable to their audience. .

        • BillyHW

          I don’t know what’s less dignified, a western reporter covering for Islam, or rubbing your genitals back and forth against the faeces inside another man’s rectum.

          They seem about the same to me.

  • Mal

    I get it! It’s like Jamal-the-Baptist; except for the “Baptist” part.

  • wallyj180

    Look at the shoulders on that woman !!!

    If she lets that shoe fly, I’d be ducking.

    • Mr_bigstuff

      It may not be female

  • tom_billesley

    In Taksim Square, protesters unfurled banners depicting Erdogan’s government as fascist. Police used water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets and charged in to clear the square.

  • john700

    That’s likely the only good news in the last few days.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Real pink ‘washing’

  • andycanuck

    Islamic wet T-shirt contest!!! Woohoo!!!

    • Bert_1

      A T-shirt over a burka? Doesn’t sound very appealing to me…

  • ntt1

    Is it not LGBTQWERTY now? they do seem to update weekly,

  • Gary

    Once the muslims in Ontario have a greater population than the gays , Wynne will turn the police and water cannons on the PRIDE parade event during Ramadan .
    Don’t laugh, Barbara Hall and Wynne approved a jew-hating Homophobic child-bride friendly Mosque in a Public school from the fear of terrorism and riots by muslims that didn’t get their demands met.

    Justin now caters to racial anti-gay Mosques while he also goes to PRIDE parades and plays both these groups as suckers.

  • Greped

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  • Lukas Fernier

    LGBTQ rep reporting-in!

    This may blow your minds, but this is actually something members of the community find to be disgusting. Good luck finding those concerns mirrored in the media, though – those tweets, calls to MPs, etc only seem to get reported on when it is related to the Catholic Church.