Czech President: Accepting refugees plays into Islamic State’s hands

Prague, June 28 (ČTK) — The accepting of migrants largely facilitates Islamic State’s (IS) expansion to Europe, Czech President Miloš Zeman said in an interview with Parlamentni server, adding that all UN Security Council standing members must be persuaded of the need to intervene against IS.

Zeman has long been pushing for a military action against IS. He has also supported the Facebook initiative We Do not Want Islam in the Czech Republic.

“If European countries accept a wave of migrants, there will be terrorist groups among them, of which also a Libyan minister has warned. By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate Islamic State’s expansion to Europe,” Zeman said.


Can we make him President here?

  • ProgNorth

    Nice to see a leader, not entangled in the ropes of political correctness.
    See how clearly they think, when unencumbered?

  • Alain

    He is almost right and certainly more so than our own leaders, but the danger is accepting any Muslim migrants. Attempting to weed out known terrorists only is still asking for trouble, because it is certain that among the others there are terrorist supporters and future terrorists.

    • lolwut?

      All we have to do is look at all the last attacks on Western soil.

      Most were committed by the children of Muslim immigrants whom we were
      told would be more integrated then the first generation of immigrants.

      It’s not just Muslim, with each new generation third world immigrants pop out
      the crimes of these children get more and more brutal and the gangs they form more ruthless.

      I predicted this in the late 80’s, I used to get into nasty fights with my liberal friends who were open enough to be admit immigration from the third world was bringing problems and should be controlled but they swore up and down the kids would be better, I said “Watch and see”….

      Most of them are no longer liberals, they woke up and whenever I speak to them I gently remind them of the fights we used to have in the 80’s….

      The most brutal gang in BC is called the “UN Gang”, it’s named that because it’s mostly made up up the children of immigrants.

  • john700

    Before you start licking his butt, you have to know that Mr. Zeman is a pro-Russian communist. The enemy of our enemy is not always our friend. He could still be our enemy.

    • Thanks John, I had a feeling about him, but frankly did not do any background checking.

      Still for that he is right about ISIS.

      • Petey

        I don’t believe Russia has any illusions about Islam and Muslim invasion. Nor China. In 50 years Eurasia is going to be cockeyed demographically speaking.

        You may be seeing a wave of European Christian migrants into Russia and out of the Islamic Western European Caliphate.

      • john700

        Every broken clock shows the correct time twice a day.

        • Yup, the other time for the Russians is half-past Chechnya

        • Petr

          He is very consistent in this, even before 9/11 he said things about Arafat and the PLO, that the PC crowd shrieked like stuck pigs. No political corectness here.

    • just a thought

      You mean like all the communist “leaders” who are royally screwing everything up in Europe and the US? If I had to chose a communism to be friends with, it would be one that realizes the dangers of Islam (and I’m not convinced the Russians have that clear yet, either.)

    • Millie_Woods

      The jury is still deliberating what’s more destructive, Russian communism or European socialism.

    • I do not believe he is a pro-Russian Communist. Czechia has always been fundamentally pro-Western and pro-Democracy. It was oppressed by Russian Communism. Also, today’s Russia can hardly be called Communist.

      • Petey

        Pragmatists they seem to me. They see the world as it is, unlike us.

      • WalterBannon

        They are crony capitalists

    • WalterBannon

      So what. He is also against the climate cult.

      To quote Meatloaf, “two out of three ain’t bad”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I have long had a soft spot in my heart for the Czechs since learning that they flipped the bird at the UN in 1948 and helped arm Israel despite an official embargo. Stalin subsequently purged those who did it in the Slansky trials. Since the fall of communism, relations with Israel have been as warm as in 1948, only this time, the Czechs are buying arms from Israel instead of vice versa.

    • Brett_McS

      The Czechs have had some really excellent PMs/Presidents since the wall fell. Don’t know what happened to make them chose a communist, though. Vaclav Klaus was a stand-out.

      • Millie_Woods

        Maybe they’ve caught on that being a member of the EU means flooding your country with German goods and third world immigrants. I don’t support communism or socialism. But many times people choose the evil they know over the evil they don’t know. Think Sweden.

    • Yes, the Czechs have repeatedly shown a morally straight support for Israel.

  • just a thought

    “We Do not Want Islam in the Czech Republic.”

    You’re my kind of “racist,” president Zeman. 🙂 Too bad the rest of the West has it’s ears full of beans, and it’s head unattached to reality. Don’t worry, though, their muslimes will “fix” that by detaching their heads in reality, if they don’t wake up.

  • Millie_Woods

    European leaders won’t listen to that kind of logic. It interferes with their plans for the next European bloodbath.

  • The Czech has shown himself repeatedly to be clear-minded and intelligent – and most of all, unintimidated by the PC crowd.

    • Petr

      Three things saved us:I hate to say it- Gypsies, because they are the perfect innoculation against multicurturalism. Nasty, troublesome, but they build up the imune system against PC bullshit if you have experience with them, Nobody belives that all cultures are equal here.
      The Iron Curtain, you couldnt get out, but no one could get in – we are just now beggining to appreciate this fact.
      And finally the Communist propoaganda. People belive other people and not the media, because “somebody up there” is deciding what to write and how (party and goverment in the previous era, God know who in this era- mostly the PC crowd). “Lying like a press” is a common expression here.

      • I visited Prague last year and enjoyed it very much.

  • Petr

    He pisses off muslims on regular basis. Sometimes I even forgive him that he is a socialist ( he is a socitalist of the old “no bullshit, we want your money” type, not the neo-marxist, liberal leftie, civilization hating crap).
    He kind of honest in that.

  • WalterBannon

    the Czech Republic is looking better and better every day

    Now if only they would adopt english as their official language