Where’s the Pope’s Encyclical on Christian Persecution?

Pope Francis recently released a new encyclical. Portions of it deal with environmentalism, global warming, and climate change. Naturally, this has prompted controversy.

It’s noteworthy that Francis didn’t merely make a passing comment on global warming during this or that sermon, but that he issued a papal encyclical on the matter. Encyclicals are much more formal and significant than remarks made during mass. They are letters written by a pope and sent to bishops all around the world. In turn, the bishops are meant to disseminate the encyclical’s ideas to all the priests and churches in their jurisdiction, so that the pope’s teaching reaches every church-attending Catholic.

  • JoKeR
    • BillyHW

      Official chaplain of the Special Olympics.

  • BillyHW

    In the same week that the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage, and ISIS posted a snuff video of Christians drowning in a cage, “pope” Francis wrote an encyclical railing against air conditioning.

    Enough with the faggot priests, enough with the faggot bishops, enough with the faggot popes. Enough!

  • Blacksmith

    I guess the joke about the pope being Catholic has been proven no joke. I am not even sure he is a Christian.

    • He is a man, flawed as all men are. He will not at this point certainly be well remembered.

  • John

    This is perhaps the first pope in history who wants to know absolutely nothing about the Roman Catholic church.
    It’s like being president of GM and not knowing what a car is.