The climate ‘consensus’ myth

One of the most ludicrous arguments climate alarmists make is that those they deem “climate deniers” should not be allowed to air their views because 97% of climate scientists agree man-made global warming is real.

One of the most alarming developments in media coverage of this issue is that many journalists agree with them.

  • Gary

    I’m still waiting for the CBC or STAR to give us the name of just 1 of those 97% of the AGW “Scientists” that agree with Al Gore .
    A true Scientists does NOT embrace an untested theory or just jump in and agree with it because of Consensus. Every person on every Blog or YouTube video that drank the Global Warming Kool-ade seems to respond to my challenge by posting Links to Wikipedia as “Proof” , except that it usually had 3rd party comments or declaration by Politicians that is is real .

    I want to see these yahoos post the name in public to be at risk for a Lawsuit by the Scientist whom would never base their years of Education and work on a myth or just blindly accept Gore’s movie and his Charts .

    Today we have the TDSB and Universities buying Gore’s Snake-Oil , but at the rate the islamists are torching vehicles and burning up entire towns….. the pollution and co2 they produce will make it pointless for me to dim my lights or use a Bike to save the planet.
    But hey, when did fascists every make sense because just look at how the homofascists in GLAAD worry about getting Pizza after a gay wedding while ISIS , Iran, Gazans , Saudi Arabia and most islamic nation are murdering gays every day.

    • mobuyus

      New York city is supposed to be underwater today by 2006 scaremongering.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Hey, Al Gore is an effective salesman. Just ask the honchos of Al Jazeera.

      • Clausewitz

        “Global warming: ’cause Al Gore isn’t a billionaire yet”.

  • Everyone Else

    It’s not “anthropological” climate change it’s “anthropogenic” climate change.
    The “ology” suffix means “study of” (i.e. psychology, biology, anthropology).
    The “genic” suffix means “generated by”.

    The issue is whether or not (A) there is global warming, and (B) if it’s caused by people. Both A and B are in dispute.

    Too bad the journalist screws up an important word as it detracts from her credibility.

  • Mal

    “Apathy is boring”; but psychopathy is “hip”, apparently.

  • Reader

    No, it is not 97% of scientists who agree, it is 97% of studies agree, with a very disproportionate amount of these studies coming out of the same groups.

    With most of this being based upon models that take decades or centuries to verify, these studies are more prediction than science.

    I can insist the world will be much colder in 3,000 years, but who is going to be around to remember this and chastise me if I am wrong, or praise me if I am correct?

    • Clausewitz

      Most are just an exercise in Garbage In, Garbage Out.

  • Petrilla

    A bunch of liars, pretending they are scientists, knowing that they lie, covering up for their fellow lying scientists… order to get their government funding. I hope all scientists who have lied about global warming know now that we all know they are nothing but whores. Plain and simple whores. They have ruined science.

  • Alain

    Those who call themselves journalists these days do not qualify as journalists with a few exceptions. A real journalist does investigative reporting instead of mouthing and repeating the narrative given to him or her. It is called fact checking.

    • Clausewitz

      They’re nothing more than the Progressive’s steno pool these days.