Pip’s Cousin is on the Job

Speciest I'd say

Speciest I’d say…

  • He looks like he means business.

  • Petey

    Ha – that one’s a keeper!

  • Jay Currie

    I thought he had the Pip, take no prisoners, look.

  • vimy

    got this one from a house just down the street

  • ntt1

    tuxedo cats always seem to be involved ,look at this one confusing a clown.

  • David

    Of course muslims love cats and hate dogs cause dogs like kuffar are dirty.

    • ntt1

      Muslims like roughly human siZed animals plus loose topped Wellies. Don’t know why……

  • just a thought

    I would change that sign from “…no not even little ones,” to “…ESPECIALLY not the little ones.”

  • bob e

    ha ha .. ‘i’m bad’