‘Offensively tasteless’ Mother Canada statue plan sparks outrage against PM

A plan to erect a 10-storey statue in a national park on one of Canada’s most scenic shorelines has prompted outrage and sparked a growing political row as the country heads towards a general election this fall.

The statue of Mother Canada – a cloaked female figure with her arms outstretched towards the Atlantic Ocean – is intended to honour the country’s soldiers who died overseas.

But growing anger over the plan has made it a new focus of opposition to the increasingly unpopular government of Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper.

I like it and especially so that it offends the Mop & Pail.

My suspicion is that honouring our war dead is considered “tasteless” by the chattering classes.


  • Dana Garcia

    Hmm, the statue looks curiously “welcoming” in the artist rendition.

    Remember what happened to the Statue of Liberty — it started out as “Liberty Enlightening the World” and ended up as the symbol of endless immigration.

    • Gary

      It was also a target by the Muslim brotherhood in 1965 for a bombing plot that failed when the FBI moved in before it came to fruition .
      The MB chose to also target Blacks for converting to islam because of the possible existing hatred for whites and the West . Islamists love to focus on how bad the USA is so that Blacks don’t look really close at islams past for Sanctioned slavery in the quran and by muhammed.
      Someone had to round-up the slaves in Africa first to be sold for export, but don’t tell Al Sharpton that of CAIR’s Dr.Sheema Khan because it will ruin a Big Lie .

  • Paulla

    My first thought was that it would encourage more immigration which no anglosphere country needs. It looks too welcoming, like our statue of liberty.

  • SMC_BC

    It looks like the artist borrowed from Catholicism, all that’s missing is the rosary.

  • vimy


  • Ron MacDonald

    The American Vietnam Veterans Memorial received similar condemnation, today it is regarded as a work of art, and the most visited site in Washington, DC. It is located in the Constitutional Garden which is part of the National Park Service.

  • Everyone Else

    hey isn’t that thing sexist
    shouldn’t it be a giant caitlyn or sumpin like that

    • Exile1981

      I was thinking that they are protesting because it’s not a tranny.

  • Gogog

    Reading the comments on that site made me realize one thing: I share a Country with a bunch of people that I hate and who hate me.

    I just wish we dropped the pretense of “Western Peace” and just fought it out. To the winner goes the Country and land.

  • FactsWillOut

    The very fact that the government is in the statue business is bad enough.

    • tom_billesley

      Statues should be funded by public subscription.

  • Jan Morrissy

    This is simply a bizarre plan.
    Too horrible to contemplate. I have to see more pictures of it but somehow the whole idea of messing up Cape Breton with this is gawdawful!
    “Another Roadside Attraction”

    • Alain

      Why would it be in Cape Breton or do you know something I do not? The Halifax area would be the only appropriate area for it, in which case I do not see a problem. I say Halifax because that was the port from which the soldiers departed by ship; not Cape Breton.

  • ntt1

    rather than some tart waving a wreath it should be a gigantic,full gear, hockey goon mooning Europe

  • Petey

    How many of the chattering class have ever served? Right, I thought so.

    • Clausewitz

      The reason why the chattering classes can chatter is because of those soldiers.

      • Alain


      • El Martyachi

        so. not. worth. it.

  • k1962

    I like it too.

  • Bert

    It’s a match of the statue at Vimy Ridge Memorial. Like the neo-classical look. The original “Mother Canada”. Like the look and the symbolism, for whatever that is worth. Not much these days. http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/remembrance/memorials/overseas/first-world-war/france/vimy/vmemory

    • Petrilla

      Vimy Ridge Memorial is so beautiful it bearings me to tears, although I could not tell you why. Perhaps it is just done in the most beautiful stone, as our long lost generation of Canadian world war 1 and 2 heroes were. Now they are cast in stone, ever remembered. I know those will blab about war and terribleness, but I know my ancesters were proud and volunteered to give YOU the right to your blah blah. Would you please give them the respect they so earned in the trenches, the filth and the mud before you entitled go back to your selfies.Just one moment of THEM and not you.

  • disgustedwinnipegian

    we’ve got enough immigrants here….and, the shoal lake 40 situation is a national shame- put the money into that

    • Alain

      Perhaps you missed the part that it is honouring our soldiers not immigrants.

  • Petrilla

    Isn’t there a statue at the very end of the UK in the Shetland Islands bidding farewell to those who left for the New World? This statue welcomes them. I think it is beautiful. it shows Canadians who we were and who we are. NEW CANADIANS need to know and show proper respect for who built the Canada they now enjoy.

  • irishrus

    Mother Mary would be a great idea…but only happen in our dreams in this God forsaken European and Islamist country