No time for political debates as ISIS claims countless lives daily

Ava Homa writes:

“In October this year Canadians will go to the polls to vote for the future government: the competition is between the Liberals, Conservatives, and the New Democratic Party (NDP) – which also opposes Canada’s involvement in the military action against ISIS.

On the same day that the Canadian politicians point fingers at each other and accuse one another of playing games, ISIS bombs Kobani, Syria, kills 75 civilians and militia and injures hundreds.

I was present at the House of Commons when the prime minister’s motion on expanding military intervention was presented and the opposition worried about the legality of stopping atrocities and worried that Bashar al-Assad might benefit from the military intervention. As the members of Parliament argued and debated, I noticed that my hands had become wet with my own tears.

Were these senior politicians fully aware how they were making decisions on the fate of millions of persecuted and traumatized refugees?

Intervention in Islam’s civil war is a case of damned if we do and damned if we don’t.

The consensus going in was that air support and training would enable the locals to carry the fight to ISIS. That has worked to a degree with the Kurds but not with the Sunnis and Shia in Iraq who would much rather fight each other.

I do not have much faith in the defeat of ISIS by the coalition.

One unlikely scenario will see Muslims unite and fight to conquer ISIS on their own. That’s not going to happen.

A second unlikely scenario will see the west unite to conquer ISIS. That’s not going to happen either.

The most likely scenario is that the mid-east will continue to tear itself apart.

Canada can do little to nothing to right things on its own, our best effort can only be made as part of a coalition with the right goal.

We have instead elected to make doing little to nothing in a half hearted coalition with fuzzy goals official policy.

Frankly I am not sure why we are even involved in this pointless effort. Perhaps it’s due to a misplaced sense of loyalty to a White House that may at best like us marginally better than its Muslim allies.

Have you heard Obama or other coalition members discuss intervention to rescue Christians?

I haven’t heard anything more convincing than the occasional platitude, robotically mouthed after the latest serial atrocity.

If we are willing to abandon Christians Ava then what makes you think we would rescue Muslims?

The fight we should be waging is against all of the Muslim terror states, “friend” and foe alike.

That’s the kind of coalition we need to commit to.

But that’s not going to happen either.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    ‘Intervention in Islam’s civil war was a case of damned if we do and damned if we don’t.’
    Then damned if we don’t.
    Why waste time and money on this?

  • Brett_McS

    The ME (excluding Israel) will indeed continue to tear itself apart. Any intervention on our part should be limited to keeping them going at it unto total destruction (excluding Israel) is achieved. I suspect – such is Obama’s incompetence – that his aim at something like ‘stability’ is actually helping along the optimum outcome.

    • Unless we are willing to take out all the terror states we should not be there.

      We have nothing to gain otherwise.

      • Brett_McS

        Isn’t Justin the only candidate with that policy? – for entirely different reasons, of course.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Not really.
          Justin doesn’t oppose intervention because he wants to save money.
          He wants to pour money into humanitarian efforts.
          Which doesn’t address the real problem.

  • Everyone Else

    Saudi Arabia is making $1 BILLION/DAY of oil. A billion dollars a day is financing a huge tsunami of shit that’s going to flow over the planet for years to come. The only logical policy is to get heavy and take over Islamic oil. Otherwise we’re playing nice guy during our own suicide.

    • We don’t need their oil.

      • Everyone Else

        Correct, but others do, and they’ll fork over the billion/day to finance jihad and stealth jihad and destroying our miserable house from within. Oil sands, fracking and Keystone won’t change the fundamental problem one iota. It’s not about the direction oil is flowing, but where the money is flowing to.

  • FactsWillOut

    If we could kill them faster than they breed, it may be of some use.

  • Alain

    I remain opposed to any intervention, but for totally different reasons from the NDP and Liberals. I am opposed for reasons some have already stated long with the fact that it is useless without stopping Muslim immigration and closing all mosque sponsoring intolerance, violence and just plain jihad along with deporting all those who want to impose their intolerant totalitarian ideology on their host country and its citizens. Those who practise real tolerance, respect our laws, culture and customs and seek to integrate into society at large should be the only ones tolerated and accepted. As for the opposition by the NDP and Liberals it is totally for all the wrong reasons, especially since both parties are comfortable with Muslim jihad and terrorism even within Canada. Both these parties are aiders and abetters of our enemies, and white versions of Obama, which amounts to treason in my view.

    • bob e

      let me know when you find some who want to obey our laws

    • I believe that day will come.

  • bob e

    this post was well written .

    • Thanks.

      • David Murrell

        And I agree with Ava. Once Justin Becomes prime minister this coming October — and he will win — and when he pulls our troops out of Iraq, will this BCF site lend its support to Justin’s Liberals in pulling our small contingent out?

        Canadian forces are attacking ISIS positions. It is up to the nay-sayers to articulate why doing this is wrong. If military forces are killing Islamic State members, I see this as a good thing. I disagree with the paeo-conservative isolationist argument.

        • Not only is there a moral imperative, there is also the fact that ISIS will not remain in the Middle East. Look no further than Europe. Chopping off the heads of factory-owners is out lot next. We can either act or we can accept suicide.