Muslim who killed 39 in Tunisia was a good student from a good family who enjoyed breakdancing

“By official accounts, Rezgui was a dedicated student from a stable family who enjoyed partying and practiced break-dancing. In a pattern similar to other Tunisia jihadists, he appeared to have come into contact with extremist preachers about six months ago, a senior security source said. “

Ooops this ain’t fittin the narrative…

  • Achmed

    There is no “Islamic extremism”.
    There is no “moderate Islam”.

    There is only Islam and you will all submit.

  • Waffle

    Must have been the break dancing that tipped him over the edge.

  • Tokenn

    My wife has always want to go for a cruise on the Nile and visit the Egyptian historic sites. I’ve been wanting for years to go scuba diving in the Red Sea and visit the ancient city of Petra in Jordan… Somehow I think those dreams are dead now…

    • k1962

      Just visit Israel and her ancient sites. You will be safe and supporting the only democracy in the Muslim Middle East.