ISIS claims responsibility for beach massacre as Tunisian prime minister confirms that most of the 38 victims are British tourists

Chilling new details of Tunisia beach massacre: Killer joked as he selected his tourist victims before opening fire with an AK47 – as Tunisian PM warns that majority of 38 dead are British

  • ed

    meanwhile uk airport police have been told to question returning tourists from sousse and confiscate any video clips of attack WTF oh ! call me dave is still pimping for islam on the media

    • That is odd, Cameron is a useless pile of crap.

    • John

      Cameron is just disgusting. Cameron claims this has nothing to do with Islam. At least Tunisia’s PM ( who actually met with the injured) isn’t saying that.

  • canminuteman

    I have sympathy for the people who were killed and those who grief for them. But WTF? Who in their right mind would go to North Africa on vacation? Don’t these people have any access to news information? (I was going to use the phrase “pick up a newspaper”, but… not many do anymore). Do they have any knowledge at all about what’s going on in the world? Going to North Africa on Vacation now is like deciding to have a fun filled week in the sun on Okinawa in 1944.

    • Hard Little Machine

      westerners live in a bubble. they believe that their mere presence somewhere will not only protect them but make that place a better world.

      • Many parts of the world primarily Islamic but not in every instance are becoming unwelcoming to westerners.

        Word will spread, Tunisia’s tourist economy will be destroyed, the Muslims will have then have another victory to celebrate as they slide back to the 7th century.

        • Don’t forget that barely a month ago, there was an Islamist terror attack in Tunisia – on a museum.

    • tom_billesley

      It’s probably no more dangerous than open borders Europe.

    • Tunisia would not be my first choice but among Muslim states it is not the worst, pity that Islam seems poised to destroy it.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Has the Guardian blamed Israel yet?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Meanwhile, it is reported that the Tunisian government has responded by padlocking 80 mosques.

    • Only 80?

    • tom_billesley

      … but youth is radicalized on social media, never in mosques, and they all transition overnight from quiet respectful religious boy to lone-wolf head chopper. The Tunisian government is off-message.

  • k1992

    He does have a friendly, engaging smile, you gotta admit. It’s probably less unpleasant to be murdered by a smiling, joking jihadist rather than by a more stolid, reserved one.

    • So it would follow;)

    • UCSPanther

      Like a psychopath…

      Certainly lots of those running with the Islamic State these days…

  • SDMatt

    Why would any Brit go to Tunisia to be killed by a Muslim lunatic when they can stay home and have it done right in their own country?

    So long, Britannia – multi-culturalism killed ya!

  • HJM

    Next time take your beach holiday in Eilat, Israel. Safe, secure and also supporting our friend and ally at the same time. And yes, this will really tick-off some idiots too, so all the better!

  • Gary

    And Cameron says that it has NOTHING to do with islam because it’s a Religion Of Peace and there are a few bad apples.

    No Mr. Cameron , about 40% of islams Orchards are producing Poison fruit and should be torched as to stop the death from those Bad Apples .

  • People who visit Arab/Muslim countries are risking their lives. They have only themselves to blame if they get killed there. Just to save a few bucks – why not go to Greece or Italy or Spain, or the Far East. Or Israel, I might add.