First picture emerges of man beheaded in French terror attack as arrested suspect refuses to answer police questions

The man who was beheaded by an ISIS fanatic at a factory in France has been named as Herve Cornara.

Pictured left, Cornara was the boss at ATC-colicom in Chassieu – near the scene of yesterday’s horrific execution.

His head was found pinned to the gates at the American-owned Air Products factory in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. It was surrounded by two Islamist flags

Cornara ran his own business offering a delivery service.

Four people were in custody in connection with his beheading, and for setting off the explosion at the Air Products gas factory in south-eastern France.

A spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office today confirmed that one of the four suspects detained has been released, while the suspected assassin isn’t speaking to investigators.


  • DVult

    If they have caught the guy who did this then why not behead him? A head for a head.

    • Works for me. France should bring back the Guillotine and do it in public.

  • Waffle

    Charles Martel is dead.

    • Martin B

      And weeping in his grave over the suicidal folly of his descendants.

  • Millie_Woods

    Is Ramadan over yet?

    • Martin B

      You can look forward to a double dose of beheadings & bombings till July 17.

      • Gary

        Noting says Ramadan like mass-slaughters and a few beheading videos.

  • moraywatson

    Reason # 1,599,999,999 not to hire a muslim.

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s not safe to have Islam workers.

    Or even be a coworker. On that point, Megyn Kelly recently interviewed the Oklahoma woman who was nearly beheaded by a Muslim. She was saved by her boss, a man with a gun.

  • This is like in Israel. A businessman kindly hires an Arab, disregarding the danger this poses. He gets killed by the man he tried to help, in lieu of gratitude.

    Wise people should not hire Muslims, since each and every one of them is a potential Islamist. If Muslims want to be trusted, let them first suppress the Islamists among them.