Come rain…

We had no other choice but to brave the rain and make our way to RibFest.

This was the quickest in and out ever, the deluge has been non-stop all afternoon with no sign of let up.

I feel sorry for the vendors and carnies etc, nothing sadder than a deserted fairground.

More of the same is expected tomorrow.


  • lolwut?

    That’s just a normal day in Vancouver

    • ntt1

      sure in the winter,but right now we could use a day or two , urban folk exploring the tinder dry woods is a huge problem with interface fires on the steep coastal mountains only a matter of time. the snow pack is mostly gone and the creeks and ponds are drying up.

      • Are you experiencing drought?

        • lolwut?

          Hot and dry inland as usual, not as bad near the water..
          The coast is Temperate rainforest, Vancouver was carved out of it
          but as you go east it’s gets dryer, desert like land..

          Vancouver get can get hot and dry, but nothing like what you get back east…. not by a longshot.

        • ntt1

          a few weeks without serious rain (only a west coaster knows what that is,,) full on forest closures no fireworks or any kind of open fire allowed. for us three weeks with out rain is a drought.another week and the ultra- religious will be out urging us all to repent.

        • Alain

          Yes, indeed we are where I live in the Fraser Valley. My pastures are totally brown and dried up, and I am getting very concerned about not getting a second cut of hay on which I depend to feed my livestock over the winter. We continue having temperatures in the mid 30s here with no change in sight. A few times they forecast a chance of showers which never materialised. I never ever thought I would be wishing for, of all things, rain.

      • lolwut?

        Shhh, you’re supposed to play along.
        Keep all those evil Ontario people away ūüėČ

        • ntt1

          That seems to have tapered off, replaced by orientals wearing full face sun shields in the warm weather, better that though than some tiny gran ma hooking out an eye with a sun parasol

  • Jay Currie

    But what about the Pride Parade??

    • ntt1

      Those colours won’t run but they will get really bitchy.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Whaddya mean will?

    • I may have to take pass this year.

  • ntt1

    Here on the wet coast the temperatures are pushing 30 degrees, a total fire ban is in effect and any enjoyment of ribs is strictly limited to a heap of brickettes or charcoal,

    Rotisserie Prime Rib over an alder and apple wood sweet smoky fire is completely out of the question for now., I would weep in my beer but I’m too damn parched.

    Gas barbecues are allowed but they are just manly microwaves, poor substitutes,far from the paleolithic urges lurking in most men’s subconscious that need real fire..

    Cold beer has the life expectancy of a snowball in hell and the cats are so heat drunk they allow garter snakes to slither right past their pugs.

    • Wow that is dry.

    • Brett_McS

      “Pushing 30” is an unusually warm winter’s day here.

      • ntt1


  • DMB

    If this was a gay pride parade Kathleen Wynne would have declared a state of emergency.

  • canminuteman

    Where we live in southern Ontario it poured rain most of the day, it is supposed to again tomorrow, and it has rained heavily the last three weekends. So far this summer has been a total washout.

    • ntt1

      look on the bright side ,dust suppression is a breeze right now..

  • Clausewitz

    I still think they should have a bring your Muslim friend to Ribfest day. Just trying to be friendly……