The public sector rules in Ontario

TORONTO – Hey, Ontario, we’re number one!

Unfortunately, it’s in the growth rate of public sector jobs compared to private sector ones over the past decade.

A Fraser Institute study released Thursday found that from 2003 to 2013, public sector employment grew by 27.6% in Ontario, compared to private sector job growth of only 5.6%.

That 22 percentage-point differential is the highest in the country and almost double the Canadian average of 11.9%.

While Ontario’s public sector growth rate was the second-highest among all provinces, its private sector job creation was the third lowest.

  • Ed

    Voters decided this is what they want. Don’t blame the liberals for being liberals. Spending beyond our means is in their DNA.

    • You’re right. The voters decided they would rob their fellow citizens.

      • Surele Surele

        Rather than work, open businesses and be self sufficient. It’s like Poland of past; but we did not have a choice when we voted (usually in the 99.9%)

      • Canadian Born

        Was it not all the public employees that voted Liberal? That only shows us that it was the most employed by the government that got them back in. Those people are a disgrace to this Province.

        • Clausewitz

          Careful. This teacher did not vote Liberal. Never have, never will. I’m starting to get tired of being painted with the Liberal Progressive brush when I’ve been a conservative, Not Conservative all my life. Sadly the idiots in the Union get all the press. It’s hard to change the leadership of the union when all of the votes are always counted in private. It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes. This is why I was so looking forward to the transparency Act that would allow us to view all transactions with in the union. Sadly once again we’ve been let down by politicians.

          • Canadian Born

            I do apologize. I was under the impression most all the public employees voted Liberal. The OPP’s let it be known through their ads on TV that they wanted Liberal and the police and the firemen. I think personally the teachers are getting a raw deal. The transparency Act should be mandatory. I hope the teachers strike in the fall but I do regret that the children have to suffer. No one that is not a teacher does not know what it is like. My sister was a teacher in Ottawa and it was high school, she told me some stories of what teachers go through and I don’t envy any teacher or would I want their job.

  • BarbaraJWinbush

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  • In North Korea all jobs are in the public sector.

    Is this where we are going?

    • Chris

      Ontario will be forced to declare bankruptcy long before it gets to the level of north korea

      • Reader

        Ontario has been morally bankrupt for over a decade now.