The Majority of American Babies Are Now Minorities

Racial and ethnic minorities now surpass non-Hispanic whites as the largest group of American children under 5 years old, the Census Bureau said Thursday.

The reversal in 2014 marked a milestone in a trend toward a more diverse U.S. that’s projected to continue. Births outnumbered deaths for all ethnic and racial groups last year except for non-

Hispanic whites, the new Census data show. A report earlier this year projected that by 2044, today’s majority white population will be the minority.

  • The Butterfly

    The moon landing was nearly 50 years ago now.

    • just a thought

      From Kitty Hawk to the moon: 1903-1969 (66 years)
      From the moon to NASA’s muslime outreach: 1969-2010 (41 years)

      We have lost our way.

      • The Butterfly

        And we’re sticking it in the wrong holes!

  • Ron MacDonald

    And no one will care if they are subject to discrimination.

  • WalterBannon

    Its a genocide against us committed by the racist Marxist “progressive” state.

  • Elephant in the Thread

    Demographics is destiny as the article states. America had it all. What a shame that the traditional American’s just rolled over and gave their country away. It will not be a pretty future for their country. Same thing is happening in Canada. Never in history have a people handed over their countries, their identities to others without any sort of fight. The greedy, self obsessed Hippy generation betrayed their ancestors and their descendants. But what do they care about their descendants since they will all be mixed out of existence in the next few hundred years. As long as they can feel good about themselves now by committing a soft and slow genocide on their own people to make up for whatever perceived evils were committed in the past. Greedy selfish baby boomers wiping out thousands of years of history in one generation so they can feel good about themselves.

    • Joe

      What’s sad is you can say what you do to the white hippie liberal generation and they will think it’s all okay.

      • Frau Katze

        Not only was not everyone of the era a hippie, but mass immigration has been enabled as much by greedy business types as by leftists.

        Leftists alone couldn’t have done it. Fatal inadvertent collaboration.

    • Frau Katze

      Not everyone from the “hippie” was a hippie. I wasn’t, for example. In fact, in my high school, hippies were a tiny minority.

      Sappy thinking was more widespread. But the groundwork for that was laid much earlier. Signs of it were appearing even before WW I. By the end of WW II, everything was set for a massive outbreak of sappy thinking.

      But never blame an entire generation.

      • Alain

        Nor was I ever a hippie, and in fact never encountered one at the time. It was only many years later that I encountered what I call over-the-hill hippies or ex-hippies in various government and educational positions. We never say eye-to-eye on anything. I remember once saying to a female cousin that no matter they were probably nice people, and she replied that nice people are a dime a dozen, so what. She was correct.

        • Frau Katze


      • Elephant in the Thread

        You’re right that the ground work had begun before the boomer generation came of age. I point the finger at the boomer generation because they were at the helm of governments when mass immigration started and created a society where Euro peoples could no longer thrive in the countries they had been building and nurturing for hundreds if not thousands of years. I believe it’s the right of every ethnic group to be able to thrive and organically mature in their own homelands/countries. This right slipped away from us during the watch of the boomers. I know I shouldn’t have thrown everyone from that generation into the same boat, it came as a bout of frustration from reading the article and I shouldn’t have posted so quickly afterwards.

        • Frau Katze

          Actually the pols that started mass immigration were from the previous generation: for example, Ted Kennedy and Trudeau Senior. They were of my parents’ generation.

  • P_F

    Well it’s distressing to notice how indigenous white population is being rapidly replaced by the people who has absolutely NO role to play in the making of these developed, great nations one thing which strikes most while going through this article in ‘Bloomberg Business’, that for businesses humans are no more than labour & consumers, they are just another numbers on their progress sheet. Just like our unscrupulous politicians who consider their citizens nothing more than votes.

  • Tom Forsythe

    The first five minutes of the film Idiocracy explains what is happening. Responsible people don’t have babies in America. People from the Third World pop one out every couple years.

    • Elephant in the Thread

      It also has a lot to do with allowing huge numbers of immigrants/illegal immigrants through the borders. There was no reason why we needed such huge influxes and it’s leading to the marginalization of the host populations.

      • Tom Forsythe

        Definitely true, but white people are not having enough babies to replace themselves. We have a negative birthrate.

        • Elephant in the Thread

          I completely agree but there are other ways to solve the issue then bringing outside people to make up for it. Over a long period of time we will eventually be completed replaced and mixed out of existence.

        • GottaQHFilly

          That’s because we are forced to pay for the little brown shit stains. Who can afford to have their own kids when paying for the wetbacks and koranimals? There needs to be violence. And a lot of it.

          • Tom Forsythe

            Call your psychiatrist immediately. You have either taken too much medication, or not enough.

          • GottaQHFilly

            Can’t handle the truth, eh?

  • pdxnag

    The majority of babies make up a majority, not a minority? That title has me confused.

    [Edit: When do I get my “Minority” Privilege?]

    • Frau Katze

      Never. It’s a permanent stain. Whites will be hearing about their privilege until the whole edifice collapses.

      • Blacksmith

        Said collapse may be closer than most think. I believe we are rapidly approaching the tipping point.

        • Max Power

          Agreed. I think its best to be making moves now in anticipation of what had become inevitable.

  • JoeMudd

    In Gods world when you as a nation slaughter more souls that all the holocausts
    combined, He will “take the kingdom from you and give it to one better than you”
    And don’t forget this IS His world to do with as He pleases.

    • Blacksmith

      So what are you saying, the US slaughtered more people than Stalin, Hitler, The norks, The Vietnemese, The various African nations, the islamist put together?

      • Alain

        I took for granted that JoeMudd was referring to the number of aborted babies in which case he is probably correct about the numbers. That is why I clicked “Like”.

      • JoeMudd

        Please to view Alain’s reply. It’s correct.

        • Blacksmith

          Roger that. I concur then.

  • Facts

    We (Westerners of European descent) are at war with Islam and the Saracen’s. There is no doubt about it. So lets look at the stats:

    Total Number of Western Europeans: Around 700,000 Million Globally.

    Major Population Centers: United States, England, Russia, France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine.

    Average Age of Western Europeans: Around 43

    Average Birthrate of Western Europeans: Around 1.48

    An ethnic group categorized by the following traits: Apathy, Gluttony, Weakness, Cowardice, Division, Self-Hatred, Disconnection

    Right now, this ethnic group is becoming minorities in all Countries they inhabit, and it’s estimated by the year 2050 they will be minorities in a few of their big Countries – for examples: United States, England, France, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.

    This is an ethnic group that has no population growth, rather their population is steadily regressing. They are a population that is increasingly aging, already passed the middle-age life point. Their women have no children with their men, but breed at a high rate with men not of their heritage. They are a divided people, with a massive and self-destructive strain of self-hatred coursing through their veins. Their people will not fight, preferring to run and cower, or ignore threats altogether. They have no survival instinct.

    They are not a threat – they are, by all measurable standards, a relic. A quickly decaying relic.


    Total Number of Saracens: Around 1.2 Billion Globally.

    Major Population centers: Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Turkey, Egypt

    Average Age of Saracens: Around 24

    Average Birthrate of Saracens: Around 4.8

    An Ideological group categorized by the following traits: Violent, Ferocious, Expanding, Hateful, Pious, Strong, Brave, Shared Connection

    Right now this ideological group is expanding at a rapid rate, and is quickly submitting the Western Europeans in their own Countries. Within 50 years, this group will reach majority status in many European Countries, the home of the Western Europeans.

    This is an ideological group that has rapid population growth, to the point they are easily expanding outside their own lands and into the lands of others. Invading and colonizing them at a rapid rate. They are a population that is young, strong and healthy. Their women’s wombs are fertile and seed plenty new Saracens, they do not mix with non-Saracens – every child from a Saracen woman’s womb is a Saracen. They are a united people, united around the idea of one global Saracen community. Their strong and unshaking belief in their God guides them to do the unspeakable, all with a smile on their face.

    They are THE threat – they will be, by all measurable standards, the new stewards of the Earth, their tentacles reaching into every region and area inside a hundred years.


    That’s just the simple truth. We Westerners are not equipped to win this war. We can win the early battles while our numbers are high and our technology is superior – but as our numbers dwindled and their numbers expand, and their presence in our lands rapidly increases, we start losing ground.

    We already see this happening in European cities like London, Paris, Marseilles, Stockholm, etc. occupied land whereby the indigenous of those lands have been forced out and fled.

    It’s the traits of the Westerns described above (Cowardice, Self-Hatred, Division, Apathy) that has allowed the Saracen traits (Strong, Ferocious, Expanding) to dominate them.

    I live in an area of the world with a very low non-European demographic and a very high European descent demographic (95%). Recently, there has been a push to increase our falling population. Our birthrate is around 1.38, and our population is increasingly aging and dropping. The method of reversing this trend? Mass immigration.

    Who do you think will now be flooding this, as yet, untouched land?

    Already you can drive around the capital city of this land and you will be Black Saracens lounging about – entire apartment complexes full of them. Food markets are already full of women in full Burqas, and the Malls full of men with big beards and long flowing white robes.

    • Clink9

      You changing your name again? Zzzzzzzzzzz

    • Jayme

      Well, you made your point – western civilization is finished. End of an era, I guess. Nothing left but the crying. Ah well – nothing lasts forever, does it?

  • canminuteman

    At least we can stop caring about the future, because there isn’t one. I will be like the dark ages after the end of the Roman empire. Enjoy the decline, because the days of thinking about ending the decline are over.

    • Frau Katze

      I’m afraid so.

    • Max Power

      Not necessarily, the West is top notch in military technology and there are plenty of weapons available for men with guts to use to thin the herd of the attackers. Whether the will is there to use them is another story.

      • canminuteman

        The point is they don’t need to attack. They just keep immigrating and breeding until they outnumber us.

        • Max Power

          You misunderstand, we need to attack them in our home countries.