Since when was the hijab a feminist statement?

Over ten years ago, the satirical American magazine the Onion published an article under the headline: Women Now Empowered By Everything A Woman Does. If you’ve ever heard someone insist that pole dancing is empowering, the Onion predicted it. In a take-down of the lazy gluttony of ‘choice-feminism’, it told us: ‘Whereas early feminists campaigned tirelessly for improved health care and safe, legal access to abortion, often against a backdrop of public indifference or hostility, today’s feminist asserts control over her biological destiny by wearing a baby-doll T-shirt with the word “Hoochie” spelled in glitter.’

  • Martin B

    “If you’ve ever heard someone insist that pole dancing is empowering…”

    Pole dancers make good money and are very enjoyable to watch.

    Muzzie women don’t make money for wearing their freedom sacks and they’re not enjoyable to watch.

    “Against a backdrop of lingerie models, bikini babes and sad western women weighing themselves…”

    Just a reminder here that Muzzie women are a lot fatter than “sad” western women: