Jakarta Looking Into Claim That Islamic State Executed Indonesian Jihadist for ‘Spreading AIDS’

Jakarta. Indonesia’s Foreign Ministry says it cannot verify a report that an Indonesian jihadist fighting for the Islamic State has been executed by the group for infecting some of its members with AIDS.

The initial report, carried on Tuesday by the Syrian human rights group Sound and Picture, quoted an IS member in the group’s stronghold of Al Shadadi, in northeastern Syria, as saying that the group had traced back a chain of positive tests to “the immigrant who carries the Indonesian nationality, and that happened when he was donating blood at one of the IS hospitals.”

The militant said that the Indonesian fighter was known to have given his 15-year-old Yazidi slave girl, presumably kept for sex purposes, to a fellow fighter from Egypt. An investigation by IS later confirmed that both the Egyptian jihadist and the girl were infected.

h/t TROP

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