Groups Opposed to Victims of Communism Memorial Will Take NCC to Court

And we know that these unelected judges will rule wisely:

Architectural professionals and community groups are going to court to halt work on a controversial monument to victims of communism.

The groups have begun an application in Federal Court challenging the National Capital Commission’s decision to break ground for the project.

The lawsuit by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Heritage Ottawa, and architects Barry Padolsky and Shirley Blumberg alleges that the NCC violated its own procedures and acted illegally in deciding to prepare the monument site, despite having no finalized and approved design for it.

The monument has sparked controversy because it is seen as an ideologically driven project by the Harper government that would be out of sync with its surroundings.

As one can see, this is all about principle.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If a memorial to the victims of communism is “out of sync” with its surroundings, then the surroundings need to be bulldozed.

    • Ottawa needs to be bulldozed.

      • Well, not all of it.

        There are some east Indian eateries that are just superb!

        Oh, you meant the Supreme Court building.


        • Justin St.Denis

          Now that is a very strategic observation.

          • I’d hate to see the Indian restaurants go.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I also know a couple of fine Canadian patriots – literally, war heroes – who reside with their families in Ottawa. Hence my reaction to BCF when he suggested “bulldozing” the nation’s Capitol.

          • Why should they suffer because these architects are douchebags?

      • Justin St.Denis

        A tad harsh perhaps……

  • Alain

    The old Soviet Union died while the ideology of communism migrated to the West just as cockroaches tend to migrate to more fruitful surroundings. Communism has caused more destruction and deaths than all other ideologies to date, even though Islam is doing its best to catch up. Those deaths need to be recognised just as the evils of communism need to be admitted and recognised. I say this even though I am NO fan of the NCC based on my experience when I lived in Ottawa.

    • We need to treat communists just as we treat Nazis. No more free pass.

      • Alain

        Indeed, especially since it murdered even far more than the Nazis managed to do, which alone was bad enough. We also need to put an end to the lie that the Nazis were some right-wing party.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Bingo and bingo. You should open a Hall.

  • DD_Austin

    Q: Who are your heroes?
    A: When I was child my heroes were people like Karl Marx, Lenin — all the left-wing ideologues that I’ve now grown out of.

    Typical, Now that you’ve rich from feeding at the public pig trough, paying up
    isn’t what it used to be, seems your wallet out grew them

    Typical two faced marxist government parasite.

  • Gettingby

    What’s their problem? A monument to the victims of communism today can easily be refitted to celebrate the soon to be completed communist takeover.

  • G

    BCF, you made a small error in your posting. You said ” unelected judges will rule wisely”.
    The fact is they already HAVE ruled. They simply won’t ANNOUNCE the ruling until they have completed their justification.

    That’s the way Canadian, American and other European higher courts work.
    1) Decide how you will rule on a given subject matter
    2) hear the evidence & cherry pick
    3) Invent excuses for your …”ruling”
    4) Announce your latest decree to the peasants.

    Look at the Supreme cunt in the U.S. and their ruling on gay marriage. Come on. Does anybody really believe that those justices were moved in any way by the arguments in the case itself? Of course not. They had their position settled months maybe years ago and just waited for the right moment.

    The Supreme cunts in cana-duh pull this shit all of the time.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I read you.

      As an aside, Canadians tend to bristle at the flippant use of the “c” word. There is generally a higher respect for women and their comfort level as human beings across Canada than one sees, say, south of the border – in the USA, Mexico, etc. Brits fling it around like peanuts and nobody bats an eyelash. But here, in Canada, it weakens the argument of those who employ it flippantly. One may hear it in locker rooms full of freshly post-pubescent boys, but that’s really about it. Just a cultural observation from one with a foot firmly fixed in two different countries/cultures. Canada really IS the best place to live in the world, and this is one of the reasons. I don’t mean to offend or preach, it’s just true. I think both Frau Katze and Black Mamba will admit to being made uncomfortable by it. My wife does, and she has a very high tolerance level for expletive-ridden language. 😉

      • G

        Thanks for the heads up.
        I will no longer use the C word on this forum if Frau & Mamba are uncomfortable with it. I will find a different way to show my strong dislike for the SCOC.

        • Justin St.Denis

          If either Frau or Mamba reads this, I am certain they will thank you for that, although perhaps silently. So will every other Canadian woman who frequents this site. And thank you again for not reacting negatively to my feedback. Have a wonderful day.

        • I can’t speak for Frau. I don’t personally have a problem with it from a female woman of the girlular variety perspective. It’s just that frequent use of foul language rather lowers the tone.

          In this case I’d say it’s entirely justified 🙂

          • Clausewitz

            Sometimes we have to use vulgar language so that it gets down to the low levels that the left understands. The left tends to miss the point when you try to engage them in an intelligent manner.

  • jayme

    The other side of this is some want to act like this never did happen same with the Confed flag ban it and wipe out history.