Dear David Cameron Islam Is Not A Religion Of Peace. You Sir Are A Damned Liar.

So far the body count is 37 in Tunisia alone, with 5 Brits among the dead, yet this gutless wonder has the nerve to insult grieving families by claiming Islam is a religion of peace.

Islam is an evil murderous death cult and ISIS is Islam at it most pure. David Cameron is Islam’s Ass Licker.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Justin Trudeau unavailable for comment.

    • I am so sick of these ass wipe politicians lying through their teeth.

    • Canadian

      He`s at the mosque.

  • ontario john

    Well now that the EU members have agreed to settle 400 hundred thousand african muslims, the political leaders should be quite busy defending that lie. I’m sure the refugee camps are already abuzz about Mulcair becoming PM here.

  • Jason

    “May you in interesting times” which, I believe, is a curse. Well, it *is* rather interesting watching western civilization disintegrate before our eyes. But personally, I could have done without the sight. At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, here we stand, in the twilight of the West, and our leaders are stalwart, courageous strong individuals like … David Cameron. Not looking too good, is it?

  • Martin B

    Mohammedans massacre dozens of sunbathing tourists with machine guns. Response?

    1) Our politicians insist to us for the millionth time that the Cult of Death is a Religion of Peace.
    2) Our Mohammedan spokesmen insist to us that the mass-murdering Mohammedans are the victims of Islamophobia, Zionism, Colonialism and Racism.

  • simus1

    Idiot tourists on cheapo vacations killed while residing among the jihadi prone sons of the prophet. Some people never seem to “get it”.

  • The Britons have the man they voted for.

    • DVult

      He looks a bit like Piers Morgan, the same large flat face. They’re also both full of crap.

  • truepeers

    They call it Ramadanadingdong for a reason, Dave. The holiest month…

    • Frances

      “The holiest month..”…the deadliest month.

      • Justin

        In islam, the more holier one becomes the more bloody deadly they are expected to be and their holiest month is their deadliest month.

      • Canadian

        Holiest as in the most full of holes?
        Bullet holes?

        • Frances

          Bullet holes, bomb holes, knife holes….you get the picture.

  • Alain

    Liars and traitors like Cameron should be dragged into a public square and flogged until they cannot stand up. Islam has been exactly like this from the day of its creation or birth if you prefer. Nothing new or different whatsoever.

    • Justin

      I will shed no tears for islamo-phylic, anti-Christ Westerners like those Western tourists who were massacred by their islamic jihadist allies today. White Westerners adore muslims and “gays” but hate Christians. May God’s fiery judgment be upon them soon.

      • Alain

        Oh, I shed no tears either for their fatal choice of vacation destination, since our actions and therefore choices always have consequences of some kind. I feel the same about all the Canadians flocking to Cuba for a cheap vacation should anything happen to them there. As I have commented in the past it still boggles my mind how anyone could be dumb enough to travel to any Muslim country for whatever reason knowing what cannot be ignored.

        • Justin

          Cuba is not an islamic hellhole where barabric islamic jihadists can massacre tourists at will. I agree, it is mind-boggling to see those Western tourists flocking to islamic countries as toursists or as volunteers to do ‘aid-work’ in those countries.

          • Alain

            Not suggesting Cuba is Islamic; only that going on vacation there is providing funding for an evil totalitarian regime and in my opinion gives the finger to the multitude of victims of the same regime. It is for that reason I would shed no tears if these tourists met with a deadly experience while there.

    • Justin

      They should rather be flogged until they are dead!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    If you remember nothing else that the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad said, remember these two choice expressions attributed to the ‘Prophet’ by his followers….

    “I have been made victorious through terror.”

    and, most importantly……

    “War is deceit.”

    David Cameron doesn’t even know how naive he truly is.

    • P_F

      He’s not ‘naïve’ but unscrupulous & deceitful.

  • ontario john

    Canadian media is not wasting anytime defending islam. Especially in Toronto where the CITY TV reporter called Harper crass for suggesting that Canada faces terrorist threats as well. She was almost exploding in outrage while interviewing a security expert and practically putting words in his mouth for him to agree that Harper is wrong. No mention of islam of course. But then the NDP members, media and downtown socialists will be happy when the NDP form the next government and all of Canada can learn from Toronto on how Muslims, Christians and homosexuals can live together. And of course “I hate Harper” Terry on the CBC had the usual muslims on with their nothing to do with islam rants.

    • simus1

      Shitty TV never disappoints.
      Suppose there must be an audience somewhere that is smitten with its wide range of over the hill zombies. The biggest groups of uninterested viewers ignoring the beautiful and talented chatterboxes seem to be found in various hospital waiting rooms.

      • Alain

        Everyone of these so-called journalists/reporters are like a trained parrot in that they mouth over and over the same lies and platitudes without ever being able to provide a rational justification. I have met people like that who think by repeating the same crap each time in a louder voice they prove their point.

        • Canadian

          On Péladeau-TV, we learned that the beheading in france was done by a “french citizen”.

    • I am sorry I missed that moment.

  • Barrington Minge

    Tunisia attack – horrendous, Beheading in Lyon – babaric, Moske bombing in Kuwait – no problem. Mooslims killing mooslims.

  • John

    Reuters is saying there are 39 victims and that most are British. Cameron’s shitty and cowardly reaction just takes the delegitimization of he UK’s entire political class one step further. He was elected to be PM, but performs like a buffoon. What, exactly, is the fucking point of having a gov’t, a judiciary, an army and police force if they can’t protect you? Before speaking to the victim’s families, he’ll probably do a tour of several mosques in order to assure the half-wit adherents to a murderous ideology that he’ll do everything in his power to protect them from a…blacklash.
    And in doing so merely prepares the ground for yet another attack.

  • Thomasson

    Churchill adage on the “man
    who feeds a crocodile and hopes to be eaten less”, was directed at Neville
    Chamberlain and his fear for Hitler. Chamberlain had every reason to fear Nazi
    Germany with it’s superior army. He wanted to avoid war and save Britain at all costs. Cameron and other EU PM’s are not concerned about the safety of
    their country nor it’s people. THE ARE GIVING EUROPE
    to the Soldiers of Allah FOR FREE. The enemy soldiers of our time are equipped
    with scabies and other dirty diseases when they enter the country. The
    machetes, machine guns and a whole arsenal of missiles are awaiting them in the
    Sharia neighbourhoods. The pathological point of view of European modern
    leadership is: it is our duty to feed the enemy, give him free medical treatment and be generous with
    welfare money. Otherwise: We will be BLAMED FOR RACISM AND ISLAMOPHOBIA

  • LindaRivera

    Bought and paid for, Slave of Islam Cameron repeated the mantra for his Muslim masters – “Islam is a religion of peace”, taqiyya.

    The wife of the barbaric Muslim terrorist who beheaded the innocent French man made no attempt at Muslim deception like Slave of Islam Cameron and explained that her husband was a NORMAL MUSLIM.